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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 1995 Volume number : 121 Issue: 01

Atmospheric Tracer Concentrations From Elevated Source In Urban Core. (Article)
Author: M. R Ratte      D. R Murray      M. R Carroll     
page:      05 - 15
Determination Of Sequestration Capacities Of Iron Control Chemicals. (Article)
Author: Richard. J Scholtze      Prakash. M Temkar      John J Harwood     
page:      108 - 112
Surface Aeration. (Article)
Author: S Taylor      S Blair      J. F Atkinson     
page:      113 - 120
Observed Downwash Concentrations Compared To Iscst Predictions In Urban Core. (Article)
Author: H. W Thistle      D. R Murray      M. R Ratte     
page:      16 - 20
Modeling Removal Of Air Contaminants By Biofitration. (Article)
Author: Douglas. S Hodge      Joseph. S Devinny     
page:      21 - 32
Gas Generation, Transport, And Extraction In Landfills. (Article)
Author: Sumadhu. G Arigata      Theodore. T Tsotsis      James J Kattapuram     
page:      33 - 44
Flow Investigation For Landfill Leachate (Fill). (Article)
Author: Phillip J Gleason      Shabbir Ahmed      Reza. M Khanbilvardi     
page:      45 - 57
Equilibrim Model Of Anaerobic Reactors. (Article)
Author: Bill. Y Liu      John. T Pfeffer      Makram. T Suidan     
page:      58 - 65
Kinetics Of Biofilms In Unsaturated Granular Media. (Article)
Author: Yilmaz Mustu     
page:      66 - 83
Modeling Benetic Oxygen Uptake By Pumping. (Article)
Author: A. H Elliott      J. D Boyle      J. C Rutherford     
page:      84 - 95
Solid Waste Transfer Station Design. (Article)
Author: Dave Applegate      Jess W Everett     
page:      96 - 107