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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 1995 Volume number : 121 Issue: 03

Least-Cost Replacement Planning For Modular Construction Of Landfills. (Article)
Author: Renee A Lawver      Jay R Lund     
page:      203 - 213
Municipal Landfill Biodegradation And Settlement. (Article)
Author: Chris Zeiss      Dean K Wall     
page:      214 - 224
Use Of Ph As Control Parameter Aerobic/Anoxic Sludge Digestion. (Article)
Author: Ibrahim Al-Ghusain      Oliver J Hao     
page:      225 - 235
Improved Characterization Of Mixing For Sludge Conditioning. (Article)
Author: Jens Aage Hansen      George Lee Christensen      Jimmy Roland Christensen     
page:      236 - 244
Nitrate-Risk Assessment Using Fuzzy-Set Approach. (Article)
Author: Istvan Borgardi      Mohamed F Dahab      Yong W Lee     
page:      245 - 257
Uv Pilot Testing: Intensity Distributions And Hydrodynamics. (Article)
Author: Ernest R Blatchley Iii      William L Wood      Peter Schuerch     
page:      258 - 263
Waste Generation And Minimization In Semiconductor Industry. (Article)
Author: John W Hathaway     
page:      264 - 264