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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 1995 Volume number : 121 Issue: 05

Source Apportionment Of Wintertime Pm10 At San Jose, Calif. (Article)
Author: John G Watson      David Fairley      Judith C Chow     
page:      378 - 387
Environmental Hydraulics Of Large Woody Debris In Streams And Rivers. (Article)
Author: Christopher J Gippel     
page:      388 - 395
Pigging Submarine Outfalls. (Article)
Author: Janathan A French     
page:      396 - 401
Proposed Nonhazardous-Industrial-Waste Classification Scheme. (Article)
Author: L. W Canter      R. C Knox      L. H Raleigh     
page:      402 - 410
Permeable Barriers To Remove Benzene: Candidate Media Evaluation. (Article)
Author: R Dayaye      S Shelton      J Rael     
page:      411 - 416
Analytical Solution To Two-Dimensional Axisymmetric Gas Flow With Klinkenberg Effect. (Article)
Author: Jagath J Kauarachchi     
page:      417 - 421