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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 1995 Volume number : 121 Issue: 06

Peenanthrene Removal From Soil Slurries With Surfactant-Treated Oxides. (Article)
Author: Jae-Woo Park     
page:      430 - 437
Modeling Of Nom-Facilitated Pah Transport Through Low-F Sediment. (Article)
Author: William P Johnson      Gary L Amy      Steven C Chapra     
page:      438 - 446
Interaction Between Oxygen Transfer Mechanisms In Lake Models. (Article)
Author: Xing Fang      Heinz G Stefan     
page:      447 - 454
Predicting Incident Size From Limited. (Article)
Author: James D Englehardt     
page:      455 - 465
Leachate-Recycle Infilteration Ponds. (Article)
Author: J. F. K Earle      T. G Townsend     
page:      465 - 471
Environmental Audit: Indian Scenario. (Article)
Author: S. D Badrinath      N. S Raman     
page:      472 - 478