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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 1995 Volume number : 121 Issue: 10

Model Of Carbon Cycling In Planktonic Food Webs. (Article)
Author: Richard B Coffin      John P Connolly     
page:      682 - 690
Water Quality Modeling Of Upper Mississippi River And Lake Pepin. (Article)
Author: Catherine E Larson      Wu-Seng Lung     
page:      691 - 699
Lead Romoval From Soils Via Bench-Scale Soil Washing Techniques. (Article)
Author: Steven R Cline      Brian E Reed     
page:      700 - 705
Sorption Of Heavy Metals By Prepared Bacterial Cell Surfaces. (Article)
Author: P. F Churchill      J. V Walters      S. A Churchill     
page:      706 - 711
Evaluation Of Competitive Adsorption In Anaerobic Gac Reactors. (Article)
Author: M. T Suidan      G. F Nakhla     
page:      712 - 719
Aerated Anoxic Oxidation-Denitrification Process. (Article)
Author: Jim Coughenour      O. E Albertson     
page:      720 - 726
Novel Design For Contant-Pressure Water-Displacement Gas Collector. (Article)
Author: Chi-Yuan Lee      Ju-Chang Huang     
page:      727 - 729
Sedimentation And Reuse Of Titanium Dioxide: Application To Suspended-Photocatalyst Reactors. (Article)
Author: Sungho Kong      Wendy Lee      Richard J Watts     
page:      730 - 735
Hood Efficientcies Of Vapor Degreasers Under Operating Conditions. (Article)
Author: Lorraine M Conroy      Richard S Prodans      Margaret Lachman     
page:      736 - 741
Design Of Cost-Efective Waste-Reduction Systems For Synthetic Fuel Plants. (Article)
Author: Mahmoud M El-Halwagi      B. K Srinivas      Anthony Warren     
page:      742 - 747
Uasb Treatment Of Wastewater Containing Concentrated Benzoate. (Article)
Author: Yu You Li      Herbert H.P Fang      Tong Chen     
page:      748 - 751
Modeling Disinfectont Residuals In Drinking-Water Storage Tanks. (Article)
Author: Walter M Grayman      James G Uber      Lewis A Rossman     
page:      752 - 755
Dissolved-Oxygen Analysis With Temperature Dependence. (Article)
Author: Sean Covington      Jonathan B Butcher     
page:      756 - 759
Dissolved Oxygen In Lower Hudson Estuary: 1978-93. (Article)
Author: Richard F Bopp      H. James Simpson     
page:      760 - 763