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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 1995 Volume number : 121 Issue: 11

Probabilistic Screening Tool For Ground-Water Contamination Assessment. (Article)
Author: Philip B Bedient      Joel P Conte      Maged M Hamed     
page:      767 - 775
Maximum Likelihood Method For Parameter Estimation In Linear Model With Below-Detection Data. (Article)
Author: N Thomson      M Sharma      E. A Mcbean     
page:      776 - 784
Reliability Of Domestic-Waste Biofilm Reactors. (Article)
Author: S. L Ong      K. K Ang      S. T Quek     
page:      785 - 790
Geometabolic Degradation Of Tce And Dce Without Intermediate Toxicity. (Article)
Author: S. E Strand      H. D Stensel      A. R Bielefeldt     
page:      791 - 797
Hexavalent Chromium Removal In Two-Stage Bioreactor System. (Article)
Author: Hai Shen      Yi-Tin. Wang     
page:      798 - 804
Chemical Conditioning Of Electrode Reservoirs During Electrokinetic Soil Flushing Of Pb-Contaminated Silt Loam. (Article)
Author: Mitchell T Berg      John C Thompson      Brian E Reed     
page:      805 - 815
Ability Of Subsoils To Buffer Extremely Acidicsimulated Coal-Pile Leachates. (Article)
Author: D. E Armstrong      W. C Boyle      S Zelmanowitz     
page:      816 - 823
Use Of Iron Salts To Control Dissolved Sulfide In Trunk Sewers. (Article)
Author: Navnit A Padival      William A Kimbell      John A Redner     
page:      824 - 829
River-Induced Transport In Kootenay Lake. (Article)
Author: Gregory A Lawrence      Paul F Hamblin      Craig L Stevens     
page:      830 - 838
Mixing-Zone Modeling For Toxic Waste-Load Allocations. (Article)
Author: Wu-Seng Lung     
page:      839 - 842