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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 1995 Volume number : 121 Issue: 12

The Indide Story Of Water-Treatment Processes. (Article)
Author: Kenneth J Ives     
page:      846 - 849
Dynamics Of Deep-Bed Filtration: Velocity, Depth, And Media. (Article)
Author: Sara M Kau      Desmond F Lawler     
page:      850 - 859
Role Of Short-Range Force In Particle Detachment During Filter Backwashing. (Article)
Author: Appiah Amirtharajah      Palanivel Raveendran     
page:      860 - 868
Clarification Of Clean-Bed Filteration Models. (Article)
Author: R. G Arnold      D. G Jewett      B. E Logan     
page:      869 - 873
Performance And Cost Modeling Of Ultrafiltration. (Article)
Author: Sandeep Sethi      Mark R Wiesner     
page:      874 - 883
Fouling Of Reverse Osmosis Membranes By Aluminum Oxide Colloids. (Article)
Author: Xiaohua Zhu      Menachem Elimelech     
page:      884 - 892
Temperature Effects On Flocculation Kinetics Using Fe(Iii) Coagulant. (Article)
Author: Lim-Seok Kang      John L Cleasby     
page:      893 - 901
Measurement Of Turbulent Flow In Standard Jar Test Apparatus. (Article)
Author: S. J Stanley      D.W Smith     
page:      902 - 910
Analysis Of Structural Features On Performance Of Secondary Clarifiers. (Article)
Author: Amir Taebi-Harandy      Edward D Schroeder     
page:      911 - 919
Experimental Studies Of Heavy Radial Density Currents. (Article)
Author: Amal M Moursi      John A Mccorquodale      Ibrahim S El-Sebakhy     
page:      920 - 930