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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 1996 Volume number : 122 Issue: 02

Curbside Collection Of Yard Waste: I. Estimating Route Time. (Article)
Author: Shiv Shahi      Jess W Everett     
page:      107 - 114
Curbside Collection Of Yard Waste: Ii. Simulation And Applications. (Article)
Author: Jess W Everett      Shiv Shahi     
page:      115 - 121
Solid-Waste Managment System Analysis With Noise Control And Traffic Congestion Limitations. (Article)
Author: S. F Wang      Y. C Yang      Ni-Bin Chang     
page:      122 - 131
Use Of Fluorspar In Water Fluoridation. (Article)
Author: Alan J Rubin      Jian Qi      Ching-Gang Peng     
page:      132 - 140
Attchment Strength Of Zebra Mussels On Natural, Polymeric, And Metallic Materials. (Article)
Author: Josef Daniel Ackerman      Catherine M Cottrell      C. Ross Ethier     
page:      141 - 148
Modification Of Design Approach To Aerated Lagoons. (Article)
Author: Linvil G Rich     
page:      149 - 153
Model Of Electrodialysis Process Associated With Organic Adsorption. (Article)
Author: Robert J Murphy      Thawach Chatchupong     
page:      154 - 160
Concentration Effects On Chlorinated Aliphatic Transformation Kinetics. (Article)
Author: G. F Parkin      J. B Hughes     
page:      92 - 98
Individual Biotransformation Rates In Chlorinated Aliphatic Mixtures. (Article)
Author: J. B Hughes      G. F Parkin     
page:      99 - 106