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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 1996 Volume number : 122 Issue: 03

A 32-Bit Powerpc System-On-A Chip With Support For Dynamic Voltage Scaling And Dynamic Frequency Scaling (Article)
Subject: Dynamic Frequency Scaling , Dynamic Voltage Scaling
Author: Devin J Nowka      Gary D Carpenter     
page:      1441 - 1447
Transport And Sorption Of Organic Gases In Activated Carbon. (Article)
Author: William W Nazaroff      Tsair-Fuh Lin      John C Little     
page:      169 - 175
Transport And Sorption Of Water Vapor In Activated Carbon. (Article)
Author: William W Nazaroff      Tsair-Fuh Lin     
page:      176 - 182
Source Apportionment Study On Nitrogen Species Measured In Southern California In 1987. (Article)
Author: Meng-Dawn Cheng      Ning Gao      Philip K Hopke     
page:      183 - 190
Engineering Model For Fixed - Film Bioscrubbers. (Article)
Author: Hanneke F Ockeloen      Thomas J Overcamp      C. P. L Grady     
page:      191 - 197
Substrate Consumption Kinetics In Anaerobic Biofilm Fluidized Bed Reactor. (Article)
Author: Enrique J La Motta      Patricio Cascante     
page:      198 - 204
Optimum Simulation And Control Of Fixed-Speed Pumping Stations. (Article)
Author: Mark T Yin      John F Andrews      Michael K Stenstrom     
page:      205 - 211
Hydraulic Conductivity Of Frozen Granular Soils. (Article)
Author: Simon H Davies      David C Wiggert      Orlando B Andersland     
page:      212 - 216
Photocatalytic Degradation Of Formic Acid Via Metal-Supported Titania. (Article)
Author: Marc A Anderson      Heung Yong Ha     
page:      217 - 221
Standerdizing Environmental Assessments: A Practical Perspective. (Article)
Author: J. R Marsh      K. W Green      T Dong     
page:      222 - 227
Electrophoretic Mobility Of Cryptosporidium Oocysts And Giardia Cysts. (Article)
Author: Julie Proctor Pecoraro      Jerry E Ongerth     
page:      228 - 231
Venting Test Analysis Using Jacob'S Approximation. (Article)
Author: Keneth B Edwards     
page:      232 - 234
Feasibility Of Fullerence Waste As Carbonaceous Adsorbent. (Article)
Author: Theodore G Gleveland      Sanjay Garg      William G Rixey     
page:      235 - 240