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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 1996 Volume number : 122 Issue: 04

Hazard Randking Of Landfills Using Fuzzy Composite Programming. (Article)
Author: Michael E Hagemeister      David D Jones      Wayne E Woldt     
page:      248 - 258
Gigo: Spreadsheet-Based Simulation For Msw Systems. (Article)
Author: Rober P Anex      Renee A Lawver      Jay R Lund     
page:      259 - 262
Accerleration Of Landfill Stabilization Using Leachate Recycle. (Article)
Author: Hyung-Jib Lee      W. L Miller      T. G Townsend     
page:      263 - 268
Determination Of Reaeration Coefficients: Whole-Lake Approach. (Article)
Author: Rakesh K Gelda      Martin T Auer      Steven W Effler     
page:      269 - 275
Copper And Copper-Nickle Alloys As Zebra Mussel Antifoulants. (Article)
Author: J. M Dormon      Catherine M Cottrell      Josef Daniel Ackerman     
page:      276 - 283
Aerobic Fluidized Bed Reactor With Internal Media Cleaning. (Article)
Author: Paul L Bishop      Steven I Safferman     
page:      284 - 291
Modeling Concentration-Polarization In Reverseosmosis Spiral-Wound Elements. (Article)
Author: Paul L Bishop      Richard I Urama     
page:      292 - 298
Pyrolysis Kinetics Of Uncoated Printing And Writing Paper Of Msw. (Article)
Author: Feng-Wen Chan      Leo-Wang Chen      Shin-Min Shih     
page:      299 - 305
Turbulent Transport Effect On Hydrocyclone Performance. (Article)
Author: Micho Nonaka      Hisami Tashiro     
page:      306 - 313
Fate Of Organics During Column Studies Of Soil Aquifer Treatment. (Article)
Author: David M Quanrud      Robert G Arnold      Gary L Amy     
page:      314 - 322
Leaching Characteristics Of Solidfication System Of C3a/Cuo. (Article)
Author: Hwa-Wey Huang      Cheng-Fang Lin     
page:      323 - 330