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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 1996 Volume number : 122 Issue: 05

Bayesian Model For Fate And Transport Of Polychlorinated Biphenyl In Upper Hudson River. (Article)
Author: Laura J Steinberg      Kenneth H Reckhow      Robert L Wolpert     
page:      341 - 349
Postaudit Of Upper Mississippi River Bod/Do Model. (Article)
Author: Wu-Seng Lung     
page:      350 - 358
Probabilistic Analysis Of Ocean Outfall Mixing Zones. (Article)
Author: John J Tsai      Robert E Fergen      Robert L Wolpert     
page:      359 - 367
Changes In Bacterial Aerosols With Height Above Aeration Tanks. (Article)
Author: Bernard Sawyer      K. C Rao     
page:      368 - 373
Measurements Of Indoor Boaerosol Levels By A Direct Counting Method. (Article)
Author: Jon Qian      Daniel K Cha      Demetrios J Moschandreas     
page:      374 - 378
Adhersion And Aerodynamic Resuspension Of Fibrous Particles. (Article)
Author: Nurtan A Esmen     
page:      379 - 383
Evaporation Of Petroleum Products From Contaminated Soils. (Article)
Author: Charles S Oulman      Seon-Hong Kang     
page:      384 - 387
Soilrisk: Risk Assessment Model For Organic Contaminants In Soil. (Article)
Author: Paula A Labieniec      David A Dzombak      Robert L Siegrist     
page:      388 - 398
Conceptual Design Of Soil Venting Systems. (Article)
Author: David W Depaoli      James H Wilson      Carl O Thomas     
page:      399 - 406
Scaling Bacterial Filtration Rates In Different Sized Porous Media. (Article)
Author: Michael J Martin      Bruce E Logan      William P Johnson     
page:      407 - 415
Contaminant Transport In Nonisothermal Fractured Porous Media. (Article)
Author: Jean-Claude Roegiers      Hilary I Inyang      Mao Bai     
page:      416 - 423
Toxicity Of Organic Chemicals And Their Mixtures To Activated Sludge Microrganisms. (Article)
Author: E Hall      J Prakash      N Nirmalakhandan     
page:      424 - 429
Take-Home Toxin Pathway. (Article)
Author: John Zirschky     
page:      430 - 436
Eco-Blocks: Nontraditional Use For Mixed Wastepaper. (Article)
Author: Rich Ryu      Marc Rose      A. M Springer     
page:      437 - 445