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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 1996 Volume number : 122 Issue: 07

Vocs In Fixed Film Processes. I: Pilot Studies. (Article)
Author: Wayne J Parker      Hugh D Monteith      Henryk Melcer     
page:      557 - 563
Vocs In Fixed Film Processes. Ii: Model Studies. (Article)
Author: Wayne J Parker      Hugh D Monteith     
page:      564 - 570
Selection Among Aqueous And Off-Gas Treatment Technologies For Synthetic Organic Chemicals. (Article)
Author: Christopher J Herbeck      Claire P Meurer      Bruce I Dvorak     
page:      571 - 580
Biotransformations Of Trichloroethylene By A Phenol-Induced Mixed Culture. (Article)
Author: Gane F Parkin      Mathew M Shurtliff      Lenly J Weathers     
page:      581 - 589
Anaerobic Removal Of Pentachlorophenol In Presence Of Zinc. (Article)
Author: Peikang Jin      Sanjoy K Bhattacharya     
page:      590 - 598
Denitrification Incorporating Microporous Membranes. (Article)
Author: E. D Schroeder      A. R Reising     
page:      599 - 604
Assessment Of Awt Systems In Tampa Bay Area. (Article)
Author: Richard O Mines     
page:      605 - 611
Risk Variability Due To Uniform Soil Remediation Goals.\ (Article)
Author: Paula A Labieniec      David A Dzombak      Robert L Siegrist     
page:      612 - 621
Simulating Atrazine Transport With Hspf In An Agricultural Watershed. (Article)
Author: Anne-Marie Laroche      Jacques Gallichand      Robert Lagace     
page:      622 - 630
Bubbleless Fiber Aerator For Surface Waters. (Article)
Author: John S Gulliver      Bryan T Oakley      Peter T Weiss     
page:      631 - 639
Corrosion Control Of Drinking Water Using Tray Aerators. (Article)
Author: Srinivas Chinthakuntla      Enrique J La Motta     
page:      640 - 648
Managerial Fuzzy Optimal Planning For Solid-Waste Management Systems. (Article)
Author: Ni-Bin Chang      S. F Wang     
page:      649 - 660
Field Estimation Of Standard Devitions For 3d Gaussian Model. (Article)
Author: Shoou-Yuh Chang      An Jin     
page:      660 - 662
Dissolution Of Lead Paint In Aqueous Solutions. (Article)
Author: Gregory L Barnes      Allen P Davis     
page:      663 - 666
Graphical Methods For Assessing Changes In Water Quality. (Article)
Author: Karen Cozzetto      P. M Berthouex     
page:      667 - 668
Alternative To Cbod5-Based Load Allocation Studies On Low-Dilution-Ratio Streams. (Article)
Author: Gary Rott     
page:      669 - 670