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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 1996 Volume number : 122 Issue: 08

Analytical Model For Heterogeneous Reactions In Mixed Porous Media. (Article)
Author: D. R Burris      N. L Wolfe     
page:      676 - 684
Laboratory Experments With Heterogeneous Reactions In Mixed Porous Media. (Article)
Author: David R Burris      N. L Wolfe      Kirk Hatfield     
page:      685 - 691
Two-Dimensional Hydraulics Of Recirculating Ground-Water Remediation Wells In Unconfined Aquifers. (Article)
Author: W. M Stallard      K. C Wu      M. Yavuz Corapcioglu     
page:      692 - 699
Effects Of Vapor Extraction On Contaminant Flux To Atomosphere And Ground Water. (Article)
Author: Per Modrup      Joel W Massmann      Tjalfe G Poulsen     
page:      700 - 706
Regeneration Of Adsorbents Using Heterogeneous Photocatalytic Oxidation. (Article)
Author: Junbiao Liu      John C Critenden      David W Hand     
page:      707 - 713
Long-Term Leaching Of Metals Form Concrete Products. (Article)
Author: Matthew T Webster      Raymond C Loehr     
page:      714 - 421
Diffusive Transport Of Organic Colloids From Sediment Beds. (Article)
Author: D. D Reible      S Verma      K. T Valsaraj     
page:      722 - 729
Multiphase Distribution Of Cohesive Sediments And Heavy Metals In Estuarine System. (Article)
Author: Parmeshwar L Shrestha      Gerald T Orlob     
page:      730 - 740
Swirl Technology: Enhancement Of Design, Evaluation, And And Application. (Article)
Author: P. O O'Connor      Richard Field     
page:      741 - 748
Degradation And Toxic Effects Of Acrylic Acid On Anaerobic System. (Article)
Author: Mingbo Qu      K Bhattacharya     
page:      749 - 757
Energy From Paper Sludge: Criteria And Hazardous Air Pollutants. (Article)
Author: Amy K Zander      Michael Brennan      Thomas L Theis     
page:      758 - 760
Method For Estimating Boiling Temperatures Of Cruds Oils. (Article)
Author: Robert K Jones     
page:      761 - 763
Electrode Placement For Subsurface Electric Field Generation. (Article)
Author: William O Rasmussen      Muniram Budhu     
page:      764 - 768
Removel Of Arsenic From Ground Water By Iron Oxide-Coated Sand. (Article)
Author: Malay Chaudhuri      Arun Joshi     
page:      769 - 772