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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 1996 Volume number : 122 Issue: 09

Optimal Regional Scheduling Of Solid Waste Systems. I: Model Development. (Article)
Author: Abhijit R Modak      Jess W Everett     
page:      785 - 792
Optimal Regional Scheduling Of Solid Waste System. Ii: Model Solutions. (Article)
Author: Abhijit R Modak      Jess W Everett     
page:      793 - 799
Transport Of Organic Compounds In Thermoplastic Geomembranes I: Mathematical Model. (Article)
Author: John A Hoopes      Joni P Sakti      Jae K Park     
page:      800 - 806
Transport Of Aqueous Orgnic Compounds In Thermoplastic Geomembranes. Ii: Mass Flux. (Article)
Author: Jae K Park      Joni P Sakti      John A Hoopes     
page:      807 - 813
Mixing In Distribution System Storage Tansks: Its Effect On Water Quality. (Article)
Author: Robert M Clark      Farzaneh Abdesaken      Paul F Boulos     
page:      814 - 821
Expert System For Water Treatment Plant Operation. (Article)
Author: Angus R Simpson      Xin X Zhu     
page:      822 - 829
Solution Of The Advection-Dispersion Equation; Continuous Load Of Finite Duration. (Article)
Author: Robert L Runkel     
page:      830 - 832
Numerical Modeling Of Biologically Reactive Transport Near Nutrient Injection Well. (Article)
Author: T. Prabhakar Clement      Brian S Hooker      Rodney S Skeen     
page:      833 - 839
Recycling Of Spent Abrasive Media In Nonstructural Concrete. (Article)
Author: Matthew T Webster      Raymond C Loehr     
page:      840 - 849
Solidfication / Stabilization Of Phenolic Waste Using Organic-Clay Complex. (Article)
Author: Irene M. C Lo     
page:      850 - 855
Whathering Rates Of Marble In Laboratory And Outdoor Conditions. (Article)
Author: Srinivas S Yerrapragada      Surendra R Chirra      John H Jaynes     
page:      856 - 863
Resuspension Of Particle Bed By Round Vertical Jet. (Article)
Author: Harindra J. S Fernando      Jordi Colomer     
page:      864 - 870
Niche For Steam Stripping Dilute Soc0contaminated Waters. (Article)
Author: Bruce I Dvorak      Desmond F Lawler      Gerald E Speitel     
page:      871 - 874
Effect Of Biodegradable Carbon On Biological Phosphorus Removal. (Article)
Author: Rex Miller      Walter Chiang      Syed R Qasim     
page:      875 - 879