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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 1996 Volume number : 122 Issue: 10

Wettability Of Napl-Contaminated Sands. (Article)
Author: Susan E Powers      William H Anckner      Thomas F Seacord     
page:      889 - 896
Survey To Estimate Residential Solid Waste Generation. (Article)
Author: Benjamin F King      Raymond C Murphy     
page:      896 - 901
Multifactor Spatial For Landfill Siting. (Article)
Author: Hung-Yue Lin      Jehng-Jung Kao     
page:      902 - 908
Intraparticle Mass Transport Mechanism In Activated Carbon Adsorption Of Phenols. (Article)
Author: E. G Furuya      H. T Chang      H Yokomura     
page:      909 - 916
Site And Size Optimization Of Contaminant Sources In Surface Water Systems. (Article)
Author: Michael Piasecki      Nikolaos D Katopodes     
page:      917 - 923
Modeling The Fate Of Copper Discharged To San Francisco Bay. (Article)
Author: Adam Olivieri      Daniel Leva      Carl W Chen     
page:      924 - 934
Stabilization/Solidification Of Hazardous Wastes Using Fly Ash. (Article)
Author: Robert Steiner      Stuart Munson-Mcgee      Jafar Parsa     
page:      935 - 940
Phenol-And Thiocyanate-Based Wastewater Treatment In Rbc Reactor. (Article)
Author: Goutam Banerjee     
page:      941 - 949
Eliminating Backflow In Retrofit Bnr Systems. (Article)
Author: Terry W Sturm      Gregory J Daviero     
page:      950 - 955