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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 1996 Volume number : 122 Issue: 11

Simulation Of Bioventing For Soil And Ground-Water Remediation. (Article)
Subject: Simulation , Soils , Water , Ground Water
Author: Paul D Mcclure      Brent E Sleep     
page:      1003 - 1012
Asymptotic Analysis Of Intraparticle Diffusion In Gac Batch Reactors. (Article)
Author: D. A Lyn     
page:      1013 - 1022
Model For Efective Diffusivities In Aerobic Biofilms. (Article)
Author: Walter M Kocher      Roger K Hinson     
page:      1023 - 1030
Inverse Estimation Of Parameters For An Esturine Europhication Model. (Article)
Author: J Shen      A. Y Kuo     
page:      1031 - 1041
Environmental Concerns For High-Voltage Transmission Lines In Unipede Countries. (Article)
Author: L. G Boussiakou      E. C Kalkani     
page:      1041 - 1045
Design Of Flocculating Baffled Channel. (Article)
Author: Prabhata K Swamee     
page:      1046 - 1050
Phytoremediation: Plant Uptake Of Atrazine And Role Of Root Exudates. (Article)
Author: Jarald L Schnoor      Joel G Burken     
page:      958 - 963
Optimal Waste Decomposition -Landfill As Treatment Process. (Article)
Author: Robert P Anex     
page:      964 - 974
Microbial Decontamination Of Polluted Soil In A Slurry Process. (Article)
Author: M. J Geerdink      R. H Kleijntjens      K. C. A. M Luyben     
page:      975 - 982
Systematic Evaluation Of Pollutant Removal By Urban Wet Detention Ponds. (Article)
Author: John R Dorney      Robert E Holman      Jy S Wu     
page:      983 - 988
Anaerobic Treatment O High-Surate Wastewater And Substrate Interactions With Isopropanol. (Article)
Author: Swamy Ketha      Peter Fox     
page:      989 - 994
Modeling Bacterial Decay Coefficient During Ssdml Process. (Article)
Author: T. R Sreekrishnan      R. D Tyagi      J. F Blais     
page:      995 - 1002