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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 1996 Volume number : 122 Issue: 12

Seasonal Effects Of Generation Of Particle-Associated Bacteria During Distribution. (Article)
Author: Blaise J Brazos      John T O'Connor     
page:      1050 - 1057
Planning Biosolids Land Application Rates For Agricultural Systems. (Article)
Author: David M Crohn     
page:      1052 - 1057
Modeling Impact Of Small Kansas Landfills On Underlying Aquifers. (Article)
Author: Marios Sophocleous      Nicholas G Stadnyk      Miles Stotts     
page:      1067 - 1077
Uv Disinfection Of Wastewater: Probabilistic Aproach To Design. (Article)
Author: Frank J Loge      George Tchobanoglous     
page:      1078 - 1084
Parametric Sensitivity Of Comprehensive Model Of Aerobic Fluidized-Bded Biofilm Process. (Article)
Author: A Acra      R El-Samra      A. B Shahalam     
page:      1085 - 1093
One-Dimensional Clarifier Model With Sludge Blanket Heights. (Article)
Author: Ben Koopman      Spyros A Svoronos      Rnadall W Watts     
page:      1094 - 1100
Dry Deposition Of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons In Ambient Air. (Article)
Author: Chun-Ching Su      Wen-Jhy Lee      Hwey-Lin Sheu     
page:      1101 - 1109
Engineering Models Of Combined Chemical And Biological Processes. (Article)
Author: David F Ollis      Jon P Scott     
page:      1110 - 1114
Mechanisms Involved In Vibratory Destabilization Of Napl Ganglia In Sands. (Article)
Author: Hui Wu      Lakshmi N Reddi     
page:      1115 - 1120
Moment Analysis Of Tracer Experiments. (Article)
Author: Charles N Haas     
page:      1121 - 1123