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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 1997 Volume number : 123 Issue: 01

Capillary Bariers And Subtitle D Covers: Estimating Equivalency. (Article)
Author: John C Stormont      Carl E Morris     
page:      03 - 10
Depth Of Fenton - Like Oxidation In Remediation Of Surface Soil. (Article)
Author: Richard J Watts      Prasad K. C Kakarla      John C Stormont     
page:      11 - 17
Enhanced Tex Biodegradation In Nutrient Briquet-Peat Barrier System. (Article)
Author: Robert C Borden      Chih -Ming Kao     
page:      18 - 24
Modified Clays For Waste Containment And Pollutant Attenuation. (Article)
Author: Samuel C. H Lee      Raymond K. M Mak      Irene M. C Lo     
page:      25 - 32
Environmental Impacts Of Nutrient Removal Processes: Case Study. (Article)
Author: Frank A Brandse      Henry M. Van Veldhuizen      Takahiro Kuba     
page:      33 - 40
Control Straegy For Storm-Generated Sanitary-Sewer Overflows. (Article)
Author: Richard Field      Thomas P. O Connor     
page:      41 - 46
Predicting Oxygen Uptake And Voc Emissions At Enclosed Drop Structures. (Article)
Author: R. L Corsi      R. G Zytner      Z. G Rahme     
page:      47 - 53
Damage To Wastewater Treatment Facilities From Great Flood Of 1993. (Article)
Author: Dee Ann Sanders     
page:      54 - 50
Satershed-Specifiec Model For Streamflow, Sediment, And Metal Transport. (Article)
Author: Helena M. Gabriele      Rrank E Perkins     
page:      61 - 70
Bayesian Benefit - Risk Analysis For Sustainable Process Design. (Article)
Author: James D Englehardt     
page:      71 - 79
Cmb Source Apportionment During Reveal. (Article)
Author: Alan W Gertler      David Wittorff      Douglas H Lowenthal     
page:      71 - 79
Large-Volume Samples For Cryptosporidium And Giardia From Small Streams. (Article)
Author: Kathleen Mcdonough      Michael F Walter      Mark J Walker     
page:      89 - 92
Septic Tank- Soakpit Systems In Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. (Article)
Author: T. S. A Mbwette      F. L Mwanuzi      E Gondwe     
page:      93 - 96