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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 1997 Volume number : 123 Issue: 03

Modeling Quasi-Steady Napl Dissolution In Fractured Permeable Media. (Article)
Author: Hillel Rubin      Klaus Rathfelder      Linda M Abriola     
page:      205 - 216
Evaluation And Analysis Of Soil Washing Forseven Lead - Contaminated Soils. (Article)
Author: William H Young      Mark R Matsumoto      John E. Van Benschoten     
page:      217 - 224
Induced Desorption Of Ddt, Ddd, And Dde From A Contaminated Sediment. (Article)
Author: Jose R Fabrega      Beth K Vogt      Chad T Jafvert     
page:      225 - 233
Evaluation Of Uncertainty In A Site-Specific Risk Assesment. (Article)
Author: Robert L Siegrist      David A Dzombak      Paula A Labieniec     
page:      234 - 243
Dynamic Model For Uasb Reactor Including Reactor Hydraulics, Reaction, And Diffusion. (Article)
Author: May. M Wu      Robert F Hickey     
page:      244 - 252
Continuous Classification Of Moisture Content In Waste Activated Sludges. (Article)
Author: W. T Hung      G. W Chen      S. F Lee     
page:      253 - 258
Improved Design Of Final Settling Tanks. (Article)
Author: Willi H Hager      Judith Ueberl     
page:      259 - 268
Optimizatin Of Cso Strorage And Treatment Systems. (Article)
Author: P. O Connor      Willi H Hager     
page:      269 - 274
Moisture Effect On Compaction And Permeability In Composts. (Article)
Author: Harold M Keener      Keshav Das     
page:      275 - 281
Quantifying Externalities In Solid Waste Management In Hong Kong. (Article)
Author: Chi-Sun Poon      Shan-Shan Chung     
page:      282 - 289
Columnar Biological Treatability Of Aoc Under Oligotrophic Conditions. (Article)
Author: Donal J Reasoner      S Nitisoravut     
page:      290 - 296
Returning Impaired Marine Outfall Diffusers To Full Service. (Article)
Author: Robert A Grace     
page:      297 - 304
Posttreatment Of Effluent From Coke-Plant Wastewater Treatment System In Sequencing Batch Reactors. (Article)
Author: Laping Song      Guowei Gu      Hanqing Yu     
page:      305 - 310