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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 1997 Volume number : 123 Issue: 05

Water-Related Carcinomas: Environmental Classification. (Article)
Author: D Clapham      D. D Mara     
page:      416 - 422
Interpreting Negative Virus Result From Highly Treated Water . (Article)
Author: Marylynn Yates      David M Crohn     
page:      423 - 430
Theretical Analysis Of Selective Catalytic Reduction Catalysts. (Article)
Author: Hsunling Bai      Jong-Wen Chwu     
page:      431 - 426
Modeling Effects Of Moisture On Adsorption Capacity Of Activated Carbon For Vocs. (Article)
Author: Jehng-Hurng Chou      Ming-Shean Chou     
page:      437 - 443
Influence Of Strain-Rate On Coagulation Kinetics. (Article)
Author: Mark M Clark      Timothy A Kramer     
page:      444 - 452
Arsenic Removal During Precipitative Softening. (Article)
Author: Laurie S Mcneill      Marc Edwards     
page:      453 - 560
Remoal Of Lead And Chromium By Activated Slag - A Blast -Furnace Waste. (Article)
Author: Dinesh Mohan      F. K Gupta      S. K Srivastava     
page:      461 - 468
Equilibrium Model For Biodegradation And Adsorption Of Mixtures In Gac Columns. (Article)
Author: Beth C Erlanson      Bruce I Dvorak      Gerald E Speitel     
page:      469 - 478
Chracterization Of Exocellular Protein And Its Role In Bioflocculation. (Article)
Author: Matthew J Higgins      John T Novak     
page:      479 - 485
Observations On Flow In Vertical Dropshafts In Urban Drainage Systems. (Article)
Author: C. Y Hsung      A Mainali      N Rajaratnam     
page:      486 - 491
Water Quality In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Versus Intake Crib Location. (Article)
Author: Irwan A. Ab Razak      Wasunthara Phoomiphakdeephan      Erik R Christensen     
page:      492 - 498
Zero-Volent Iron Colloid Emplacement In Sand Columns. (Article)
Author: D. I Kaplan      K. J Cantrell     
page:      499 - 505
Irreversible Binding Of Chlorophenols To Soil And Its Imapct On Bioavailability. (Article)
Author: William D Burgos      John T Navak      Alok Bhandari     
page:      506 - 513
Prototype Sdss For Using Probability Analysis In Soil Contaminatin. (Article)
Author: Chin-Dee Le      Shang-Lien Lo      Pei-Te Chiueh     
page:      514 - 520