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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 1997 Volume number : 123 Issue: 06

Evaluatin Of Trickle Bed Air Biofilter Performance For Btex Removl. (Article)
Author: Amit Pandit      Francis L Smith      George A Sorial     
page:      530 - 537
Biofiltration: Fundamanetnal, Design And Operations Principles, And Application Of Biological Apc Technology. (Article)
Author: Raymond C Loehr      Warren J Swanson     
page:      538 - 546
Performance Of A Pilot -Scale Compost Biofilter Treating Gasoline Vapor. (Article)
Author: Daniel P. Y Chang      Edward D Schroeder      William F Wright     
page:      547 - 555
Petroleum Environmental Research Forum Field Study On Biofilters For Control Of Volatile Hydrocarbons. (Article)
Author: Gero Leson      Barbara J Smith     
page:      556 - 562
Transient Behavior Of Biofilters: Start -Up, Carbon Balances, And Interactions Between Pollutants. (Article)
Author: Marc A Deshusses     
page:      563 - 568
Treatment Of Methylethylketone In Air Steam By Biotrickling Filters. (Article)
Author: Jean-Jeh Huang      Ming-Shean Chou     
page:      569 - 576
Determinatin Of Transfer Rate Constants And Partition Coefficients Forair Phase Biofilters. (Article)
Author: Joseph S Devinny      Douglas S Hodge     
page:      577 - 585
Predictive Model For Toluene Degradation And Microbial Phenotypic Profiles In Fiat Vapor Phase Bioreactor. (Article)
Author: Santiago Villaverde      Warren Sharp      Raj Mirpuri     
page:      586 - 592
Membrance Biorecator For Control Of Volatial Organic Compound Emssions. (Article)
Author: Michael S Mcgrath      Sarina. J Ergas     
page:      593 - 598
Modeling Biofiltration Of Voc Mixtures Under Steady-State Conditons. (Article)
Author: Shareefdeen M Zarook      Steven M Wojdyla      Basil C Baltzis     
page:      599 - 605
Analytical Model Of Dual - Media Biofilter For Removal Of Organic Air Pollutants. (Article)
Author: Walter Kocher      Riyad J Abumaizer      Edward H Smith     
page:      606 - 614
Modeling Biofiltration Of Gas Streams Containing Tex Components. (Article)
Author: R. W Douglass      C Sato      H. D Nguyen     
page:      615 - 620