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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 1997 Volume number : 123 Issue: 07

Nanofiltratino Of Natural Organic Matter: Ph And Ionic Strength Effects. (Article)
Author: William P Ball      Francis A Digiano      Anne Braghetta     
page:      628 - 641
Method For Coating Filter Media With Synthetic Manganese Oxide. (Article)
Author: Daniel L Gallagher      William R Knocke      Peter B Merkle     
page:      642 - 649
Dynamic Model For Solube Mn Removal By Oxide - Coated Filter Media. (Article)
Author: Peter B Merkle      William R Knocke      Daniel L Gallagher     
page:      650 - 658
Batch Analysis Of Slurries In Zone Settling Regime. (Article)
Author: Panayiotis Diplas      Athanasios Papanicolaou     
page:      659 - 667
Cross - Flow Versus Counterflow Air-Stripping Towers. (Article)
Author: Benito J Marinas      John C Little     
page:      668 - 674
Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria In Anaerobic Propionate Systems. (Article)
Author: Sanjoy K Bhatacharya      Vikas Uberoi     
page:      675 - 682
Methodology For Analyzing Soil Vacuum Data At Voc-Contaminated Sites. (Article)
Author: Michael S Toy     
page:      683 - 690
Liquid-Liquid Extraction For Surfactant-Contaminat Separation And Surfactant Reuse. (Article)
Author: Mark A Hasegawa      David A Sabatini      Jeffrey H Harwell     
page:      691 - 697
Correlation Of Plume Opacity With Particles And Sulfates From Boilers. (Article)
Author: K. S Chen      J. C Lou     
page:      698 - 703
Fate And Transport Of Metam Spill In Sacramento River. (Article)
Author: T. A Wool      J. L Martin      P. F Wang     
page:      704 - 713
Wmpirical Models For Disinfectin By-Products In Lakes And Reservoirs. (Article)
Author: Steven C Chapra      Raymond P Canale      Gary L Amy     
page:      714 - 715
Impact Of Barge Traffic On Stream Reaeration: Labortory Experiments. (Article)
Author: L. J Thibodeaux      W. D Constant      K. M Qaisi     
page:      716 - 720