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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 1997 Volume number : 123 Issue: 08

Gis To Estimate Strom - Water Pollutant Mass Loadings. (Article)
Author: Michael K Stenstrom      Eric W Strecker      Kenneth M Wong     
page:      737 - 745
Identification Of Monitoring Stations In Water Distribution System. (Article)
Author: Arun Kumar      M. L Kansal      Geeta Arora     
page:      746 - 752
Particles, Metals, And Water Quality In Unof From Large Urban Watershed. (Article)
Author: Mark R Wiesner      Gregory W Characklis     
page:      753 - 759
Chromium (Vi) Reduction By Pseudomonas Fluorescens Lb300 In Fixed-Film Bioreactor. (Article)
Author: Evans M. N Chirwa      Yi-Tin Wang     
page:      760 - 766
Multiresponse Parameter Estimation Of Svocs In Activated Sludge Process. (Article)
Author: P. M Berthouex      L. C Brown     
page:      767 - 775
Use Of Uasb Technology To Treat Grab Processing Wastewaters. (Article)
Author: Peter J Mcveigh      Gregory D Boardman     
page:      776 - 785
Injection Of Colloidal Fe Particles In Sand With Shear-Thinning Fluids. (Article)
Author: Tyler J Gilmore      D. I Kaplan      K. J Cantrell     
page:      786 - 791
Momentum Trasport Mechanism For Water Flow Over Porous Media. (Article)
Author: Peter M Walle      Christopher Y Choi     
page:      792 - 799
Arsenic Removal From Driking Water During Coagulation. (Article)
Author: Ennifer A Wilkie      Pen- Yuan Chen      Janet G Hering     
page:      800 - 808
Model Of Bacterial- Supplement Kinetics. (Article)
Author: Chi-Yuan Lee     
page:      809 - 812
Effluent Total Residual Chlorine Decay In Qutfall Pipe. (Article)
Author: J. Philip Cooke      Rober E Fergen      Hening Huang     
page:      813 - 817