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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 1997 Volume number : 123 Issue: 09

Adsorption Of Acenaphthene On Porous Organic Polymeters. (Article)
Author: Karsten Behrend      Gerald Bunke      Bernd Eichenmuller     
page:      826 - 841
Sorption Of Organic Compounds In The Aqueous Phase Onto Tire Rubber. (Article)
Author: Tuncer B Edil      Jae K Park      Jae Y Kim     
page:      827 - 835
Process Development For Removal Of Substituted Phonel By Carbonaceous Adsorbent Obtanined From Fertilizer Waste. (Article)
Author: Naresh Pal      Renu Tyagi      S. K Srivastava     
page:      842 - 851
A 1.8-Ghz Cmos Fractional-N Frequency Synthesizer With Randomized Multiphase Vco (Article)
Subject: Frequency Synthesizers , Phase-Locked Loops
Author: C.H Heng      B Song     
page:      848 - 854
Kinetics Of We Air Oxidaion Of High-Strength Industrial Wastewater. (Article)
Author: Shin J Ho      Sheng H Lin     
page:      852 - 858
Low-Cost Polymeric Aluminum Coagulant. (Article)
Author: Gary W Vanloon      John E Deutschman      Marina C Koether     
page:      859 - 864
Modeling Chlorine Inactivation Requirements Of Cryptosporidium Parvum Oocysts. (Article)
Author: M Belosevic      G. R Finch     
page:      865 - 875
Comparison Between Anaerobic-Anoxic - Oxic And Anoxic-Oxic Systems For Coke Plant Wastewater Treatment. (Article)
Author: Yi Qian      Joo Hwa      Min Zhang     
page:      875 - 883
New Sensorbased On Ph Effect Of Denitrification Process. (Article)
Author: Herwig Bogaert      Alexis Vanderhasselt      Krist Gernaey     
page:      884 - 891
Seasonal Chages Of Leachate Production And Quality From Test Cells. (Article)
Author: Peter Nilsson      Mattias Akeson     
page:      892 - 900
Gis Technology For Vehicle Routing And Scheduling In Solid Waste Collectin Systems. (Article)
Author: Y. L Wei      H. Y Lu      Ni-Bin Chang     
page:      901 - 910
Expert System For Technology Screeningfor Soc And Voc Contaminated Water. (Article)
Author: Alok A Pota      Irene M. C Lo     
page:      911 - 918
Particle Tracking Simulationof Pollutant Discharges. (Article)
Author: C. F Scott     
page:      919 - 927
Sustainability Of Effluentirrigation Schemes: Measureable Definition. (Article)
Author: Xiandeng Hu     
page:      928 - 932
Models Of Byssal Failure Detachment Of Zebra Mussels. (Article)
Author: D. G Allen      C Coish      J. M Dormon     
page:      933 - 938
Ventilation Of Industrial Process Drains: Mechanisms And Effects On Voc Emsissions. (Article)
Author: Richard L Corsi      Sridhar Rajagopalan      David Olson     
page:      939 - 948
Effects Of Molybdate On Sulfate Reduction And Benzoate Degrations. (Article)
Author: Herbert H. P Fang      H. P Fang     
page:      949 - 954