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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 1997 Volume number : 123 Issue: 10

Anaerobic Biogranulation As Microbial Response To Substrate Adequacy. (Article)
Author: Yue-Gen Yan      Joo-Tay Tay     
page:      1002 - 1010
Benzene Removal By Pac In Jet Flocculation System. (Article)
Author: Eid A Alkhatib      Leon T Thiem      Jose A. H Sobrinho     
page:      1011 - 1018
Scaling Laws For Hydrodynamic Separators. (Article)
Author: J. N Tyack      R. A Fenner     
page:      1019 - 1026
Beneficial Discharge Of Iron Coagulation Sludge To Sewers. (Article)
Author: P. S Heppler      Beorn Courtney      Marc Edwards     
page:      1027 - 1032
Inverse Modeling Of Chlorine Concentration In Pipe Networks Under Dynamic Condition. (Article)
Author: M. Rashidul Islam      M. Hanif Chaudhry      Robert M Clark     
page:      1033 - 1040
Kinetics Of Thermal Decomposition Of Epoxy Resin In Nitrogen-Oxygen Atmpophere. (Article)
Author: K. S Chen      R. Z Yeh      C. W Wu     
page:      1041 - 1046
Incineration Of Wastes In Novel High-Efficiency Tumbling And Rotating Fluidized Bed Incinerator. (Article)
Author: R Taib      V Nasserzadeh      J Swithenbank     
page:      1047 - 1052
Demonstrating Virsu Treatment Eficiencies For Biosolids. (Article)
Author: Michael Luker      Marylynn V Yates      David M Crohn     
page:      1053 - 1060
Sample Size Needs For Characterizing Pollutant Concentrations In Highway Runoff. (Article)
Author: N. R Thomson      E. A Mcbean      I Mostrenko     
page:      1061 - 1065
Size - Resolved Quantification Of Nonviable Indoor Aeroallergens: A Review. (Article)
Author: L. M Hildemann      L. D Montoya     
page:      965 - 973
Dry Phase Titanium Dioxide- Mediated Photocatalysis: Basis For In Situ Surface Destruction Of Hazardous Chemicals. (Article)
Author: Alexander P Jones      Richard J Watts     
page:      974 - 981
Dehalogenation Of Chlorianted Organic Compounds By Strong Alkalis. (Article)
Author: Baohua Gu      Robert L Siegrist     
page:      982 - 987
Effect Of Redox Potential And Ph On Tnt Transformation In Soil-Water Slurries. (Article)
Author: Charolett A Hayes      James M Brannon      Cynthia B Price     
page:      988 - 992
Impoundment Linear Repair By Electrophoresis Of Clay. (Article)
Author: Albert T Yeung      Moonkyung Chung      M. Yavuz Corapcioglu     
page:      993 - 1001