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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 1997 Volume number : 123 Issue: 11

Industrial Pretreatment: Trickling Filter Performance And Design. (Article)
Author: John Dietz      J. Martin Sullivan      Andrew Amis Randall     
page:      1072 - 1079
Control Of External Carbon Addition To Predenitrifying Systems. (Article)
Author: Zhigou Yuan      Herwig Bogaert      Peter Vanrolleghem     
page:      1080 - 1086
High-Solids Anaerobic Digestion Of Mixed Municipal And Industrial Waste. (Article)
Author: M. Poggi Varaldo      Jan A Olezkiewicz     
page:      1087 - 1092
Treatment Of Phthalic Waste By Anaerobic Hybrid Reactor. (Article)
Author: Ju-Chang Huang      Mao-Yuan Tur     
page:      1093 - 1099
Theoretical And Experimental Study Of Metal Capture Durin Incineration Process. (Article)
Author: Ju-Chang Huang      Ming-Tan Yan      Ming-Yen Wey     
page:      1100 - 1106
Sorption And Speciation Of Heavy Metals From Incinerator Fly Ash In A Marine Clay. (Article)
Author: Cee-Ing Teh      Teik-Thye Lim      Joo-Hwa Tay     
page:      1107 - 1115
Modeling Contaminant Migration With Linear Sorption In Strongly Heterogeneous Media. (Article)
Author: J. C Roegiers      H. I Inyang      D Elsworth     
page:      1116 - 1125
Linear Finite-Element Modeling Of Contaminant Transport In Ground Water. (Article)
Author: David R Yonge      M. Akram Hossain     
page:      1126 - 1135
Water Quality Model For Mariculture Management. (Article)
Author: P. P. S Wong      J. H. W Lee     
page:      1136 - 1141
Estimating Effective Germicidal Dose From Medium Pressure Uv Lamps. (Article)
Author: Jeannie L Darby      Karl G Linden     
page:      1141 - 1149
Modeling Of Turbulent Burning Flow And Performance Evaluation Of Municipal. (Article)
Author: C. H Tong      K. S Chen     
page:      1150 - 1158
Claifier Design Concept- Larger Is Better. (Article)
Author: John P Wilson      Orris E Albertson     
page:      1159 - 1161
Natural Organic Matter Sorption By Kaolinite: Modified Langmuir Isotherm. (Article)
Author: Alba Torrents      Shalini Jayasundera     
page:      1162 - 1165