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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 1997 Volume number : 123 Issue: 12

Defining Biosolids Stability. (Article)
Author: Eliot Epstein      Lynne H Moss      Michael S Switzenbaum     
page:      1178 - 1154
Accumulation Of Metabolic Intermediates During Shock Loads In Biological Fluidized Bed Reactors. (Article)
Author: Craid S Criddle      Kwunhwan Doh     
page:      1185 - 1193
Modeling Vertical Spread Of Airborne Pollutants From Sources Near Ground Level- Comparison With Field Measurement. (Article)
Author: Lynn Hildemann      Jin-Sheng Lin     
page:      1194 - 1202
Design Of Air Difusion Terminal Devvices In Passenger Train Vehicle. (Article)
Author: L. T Wong      W. K Chow     
page:      1203 - 1207
Water Pollution Control In River Basin By Interactive Fuzzy Interval Multiobjective Programming. (Article)
Author: D. G Shaw      H. W Chen      Ni-Bin Chang     
page:      1208 - 1216
Ocean-Outfall Mixing Zone Delineation Using Doppler Radar. (Article)
Author: David A. Chen      Li Ding      Hening Huang     
page:      1217 - 1226
Cation-Enhanced Removal Of Lead From Kaolinite By Electrokinetics. (Article)
Author: David K Ryan      Clifford J Bruell      Theodore F Coletta     
page:      1227 - 1236
Treatment Of Oily Wastes Using High-Shear Rotary Ultrafiltration. (Article)
Author: Joseph Young      Wei Lin      Brian E Reed     
page:      1233 - 1243
Mixing Zone Analysis For Coastal Wastewater Discharge. (Article)
Author: Philip J Robert      Rafael Sternau     
page:      1244 - 1250
Transport Of Nitrates Through Clay Using Electrokinetics. (Article)
Author: Gilliane Sills      Marcus Rutherford      Muniram Budhu     
page:      1251 - 1253
Modeling Separation Of Flocculant Particles In Horizontal - Flow Gravel Bed. (Article)
Author: G. J Alaerts      T Ahsan     
page:      1254 - 1260
Importance Weighting Of Impacts In Environmental Impact Studies. (Article)
Author: Abdullah M Mohorhy     
page:      1261 - 1298