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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 1998 Volume number : 124 Issue: 03

Genetic Algorithms For Calibrating Water Quality Models. (Article)
Author: Ann E Mulligan      Linfield C Brown     
page:      202 - 211
Tidal And Transport Modelingby Using Turbulence K-W Model. (Article)
Author: Li-Ren Yu      A. M Righetto     
page:      212 - 221
Effect Of Flow Veolcity On Sedimentoxygen Demand: Experiments. (Article)
Author: Alan A Mackenthun      Heinz G Stefan     
page:      222 - 230
Reductive Dechlorination Ofchlorophenols In Methogenic Cultures. (Article)
Author: Yi-Tin Wang      Shanmuganathan Muthukrishnan     
page:      231 - 238
Nitrogen Removal In Intermittently Aerated Biofilm Airliftreactor. (Article)
Author: W. A. J Van Benthum      J. M Garrido     
page:      239 - 248
Alum Residual Floc Interactions With An Advancingice/Water Interface. (Article)
Author: Anthony G Collins      Philip J Parker     
page:      249 - 253
Properties Of Red Mud Tailings Produced Undervarying Process Condtions. (Article)
Author: Loretta Y Li     
page:      254 - 264
Determination Of Wxygen Diffusion Coefficient In Watewaters. (Article)
Author: Tze M Lin      Sheeng H Lin     
page:      265 - 271
Evaluation Of Memberance Filtration And Ozonationprocesses Fortreatment Of Reactive-Dye Watewater. (Article)
Author: Jiangning Wu      Mark A Eiteman     
page:      272 - 277
Metal Ion Leaching From Contaminatedsoils: Model Develpment. (Article)
Author: C Ganguly      M.R Mastsumoto     
page:      278 - 287
System Effects On Benzene Rmoval From Saturated Soilsand Ground Water Using Air Aparging. (Article)
Author: Krishna R Reddy      Jeffrey A Adams     
page:      288 - 288