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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 1998 Volume number : 124 Issue: 05

Linking Hydordynamic And Water Quality Models With Different Scales. (Article)
Author: Joseph F Atkinson      Sunil K Gupta     
page:      399 - 408
Application Of Inverse Method To Calibrate Esturaine Europhication Model. (Article)
Author: J Shen      A. Y Kuo     
page:      409 - 418
Solute Uptake In Aquatic Sediments Due Tocurrent-Obstacleinteractions. (Article)
Author: Ian T Webster      Paul A Hutchinson     
page:      419 - 426
Physical Charactersistics Of Urban Roadway Solids Trasported Duringrain Events. (Article)
Author: John J Sansalone      Joseph M Koran     
page:      427 - 440
Parameter-Indeuced Uncertainty In Modeling Vadose Zone Transport Of Vocs. (Article)
Author: Yue Rong      L. Donald Duke     
page:      441 - 448
Comparative Kinetics Of Bacterial Reduction Of Chromium. (Article)
Author: David R Yonge      Eric A Schmieman     
page:      449 - 455
Molecular Ozone And Radical Pathways Of Bromate Formation During Ozonation. (Article)
Subject: Molecular , Ozone , Radical Additions
Author: Paul Westerhoff      Kenan Ozekin     
page:      456 - 462
Influence Of Carbonation On Leaching Of Cementitious Wateorms. (Article)
Author: John C Walton      Md. Sazzad Bin Shafique     
page:      463 - 468
Classification Of Flotation Processes In Watewater Decontamination. (Article)
Author: Igor A Dibrov      Nicholai N Voronin     
page:      469 - 472
Derivation Of Mean Cell Residence Time Formula. (Article)
Author: Nicolar G Adrien     
page:      473 - 474
Evaluatinghealth Risks From Ground-Watercontaminants. (Article)
Author: Waren T Prver      Lee A Drval     
page:      475 - 479
Evaluation Of Uncertainty In A Site-Specific Risk Assessment. (Article)
Author: David Miller      Reza Iranpour     
page:      480 - 480
Environmental Impacts Of Nutrientremval Processes: Case Study. (Article)
Author: David M Bagley      Ron Hofmann     
page:      481 - 482
Capillary Barriers And Subtitle D Covers: Estimatingequivalency. (Article)
Author: Stephenw. Webb Closure     
page:      483 - 484
Chlorine Demand And Tthm Formation Kinetics: A Second-Order Model. (Article)
Author: Robert M Clark     
page:      485 - 485