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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 1998 Volume number : 124 Issue: 11

Shallow Subsurface Characterization Of Gas Transport In A Playa Wetlan. (Article)
Author: Philip C Bennett      Jean-Philippe Nicot     
page:      1038 - 1046
Influence Of Water Content On Sve In A Silt Loam Soil (Article)
Author: B. M Harper      W. H Stiver     
page:      1047 - 1053
Water-To-Air Mass Transfer Of Vocs: Laboratory-Scale Air Sparging System. (Article)
Author: Keh-Ping Chao      Say Kee Ong     
page:      1054 - 1060
A New Landfill Liner To Reduce Ground-Water Contamination From Heavy Metals. (Article)
Author: P. Aarne Vesilind      Tsau-Don Tsai     
page:      1061 - 1065
Washing Of Various Lead Compounds From A Contaminated Soil Column (Article)
Author: Bhaumik V Hotha      Allen P Davis     
page:      1066 - 1075
Systematic Approach For Modeling Tetrachloroethene Bioegradation. (Article)
Author: David M Bagley     
page:      1076 - 1086
Nom Accumulation At Nf Membrane Surface: Impact Of Chemistry And Shear. (Article)
Author: Francis A .Digiano      Anne Braghetta     
page:      1087 - 1098
Overall Adsorption Isotherm Of Natural Organic Matter. (Article)
Author: Yoshihiko Matsui      Akira Yuasa     
page:      1099 - 1107
Photochemical Destruction Of Cyanide In Lanffill Leachate. (Article)
Author: B. R Kim      D. H Podsiadlik     
page:      1108 - 1113
Variance Of Load Estimates Derived By Piecewise Linear Interpolation. (Article)
Author: Xiaosong Wang      George. Shih     
page:      1114 - 1120
Performance Of Vegetative Controls For Treating Highway Runoff. (Article)
Author: Patrick M Walsh      Michael E Barrett     
page:      1121 - 1129
Isotherm Equatikon For Water Vapor Adsorption Onto Activated Carbon. (Article)
Author: K. James Hay      Shaoying Qi     
page:      1130 - 1134
Boundary Conditions For Modeling Transport In Vertical Barriers. (Article)
Author: Ashutosh Khandelwal      Alan Rabideau     
page:      1135 - 1139