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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 1998 Volume number : 124 Issue: 12

Metal Ion Leaching From Contaminated Soils: Model Calibaratin And Application. (Article)
Author: C Ganguly      M. R Matsumoto     
page:      1150 - 1158
Cr-Polluted Soil Studied By High Radient Magnetic Separation And Electron Probe. (Article)
Author: R. A Rikers      J. H. L Voncken     
page:      1159 - 1164
Cr(Vi) Reduction By Bacillus Coagulans Isolated From Contaminated Soils. (Article)
Author: Leela Lyengar      Ligy Philip     
page:      1165 - 1170
Mass Loss From Lnapl Pools Under Fluctuating Water Table Condition. (Article)
Author: Wei Han      Lakshmi N Reddi     
page:      1171 - 1177
Modeling Bmps To Optimize Municipal Wasterwater Le\And Treatment System. (Article)
Author: William F Ritter      Michael D Dukes     
page:      1178 - 1187
Multi-Fed Upflow Anaerobic Filter: Development And Features. (Article)
Author: R Mendez      A Pufial     
page:      1188 - 1192
Decompostion Of Specific Materials Buried Withing Sanitary Landills. (Article)
Author: Jeffrey Stinson      Timothy D Baldwin     
page:      1193 - 1202
Predicting Chlorine Residuals And Formatin Of Tthms In Drinking Water. (Article)
Author: Mano Sivaganesan      Rober M Clark     
page:      1203 - 1210
Existence Of Critical Recovery And Impacts Of Poerational Mode On Potable Water Microfiltration. (Article)
Author: Joseph G Jacangelo      Shankararaman Chellam     
page:      1211 - 1219
Disign Model For Selective Catalytic Recduction Process: Solution Of Convective Diffusion And No Reaction. (Article)
Author: Jong-Wen Chwu      Hsunling Bai     
page:      1220 - 1227
Apparatus For Streaming Potential Measurements On Granular Filter Media. (Article)
Author: D. O Shah      G. B Westermann-Clark     
page:      1228 - 1232