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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 2000 Volume number : 126 Issue: 01

Modeling Storm-Water Runoff Quantity And Quality From Marine Drydocks. (Article)
Author: Peter Pommerenk      Gary C Schafran      A. Osman Akan     
page:      05 - 11
Propagation Of Waves And Dissolved Compounds In Sewer. (Article)
Author: Tove A Larsen      Stefan Burckhardt      Jacco L Huisman     
page:      12 - 20
General Thin Rod Model For Preslip Bending Response Of Strand. (Article)
Author: S Sathikh      S Rajasekaran      C Jabaraj     
page:      132 - 139
Modeling Artificial Aeration Kinetics In Ice-Covered Lakes. (Article)
Author: Stephen A Mccord      Geoffrey Schladow     
page:      21 - 31
Numerical Analysis Of Efficiency Of Landfill Venting Trenches. (Article)
Author: H Power      V Popov     
page:      32 - 38
Influence Of Soil Texture On Rate -Limited Micellar Solubilization. (Article)
Author: M,Athew A Cowel      Linda M Abriola      Wendy E Condit     
page:      39 - 46
Sediment Control Of Facilitated Transport And Enhanced Desorption. (Article)
Author: William P Johnson     
page:      47 - 57
Lead Removal In Fixed Beds By Recycled Iron Material. (Article)
Author: Afshin Amini      Edward Smith     
page:      58 - 65
Competition Of Cd, Cu, And Pb Adsorption On Goethite. (Article)
Author: Lisa Axe      Chris A Christophi     
page:      66 - 74
Immobilized-Cell Membrance Bioreactor For High-Strengh Phenol Wate Water. (Article)
Author: Kai-Chee Loh      Tai-Shung Chung      Wei-Fern Ang     
page:      75 - 79
Microbial Activity: Mathematical Expression And Direct Determination. (Article)
Author: Vyacheslav Limban      Gregory Papkov     
page:      80 - 88
Interrelationship Of Doc Distribution In Metabolic Network To Growth Yield In Batch Culture. (Article)
Author: Lin Yu      Joo-Hwa Tay     
page:      89 - 90