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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 2000 Volume number : 126 Issue: 02

Pac-Membrance Filtration Process. Ii: Model Application. (Article)
Author: Carlos Campos      Benito J Marinas      Vernon L Snoeyink     
page:      104 - 111
Understanding Environmental Leachability Of Electric Arc Furnace Dust. (Article)
Author: Julia A Stegemann      Amitava Roy      Robert J Caldwell     
page:      112 - 120
Aldicarb Transport In Subsurface Environment: Comparison Of Models. (Article)
Author: Miguel A Marino      Hakan Basagaoglu      Xuefeng Chu     
page:      121 - 129
Oxidation Of 2-Chlorophenol In Water By Ultrasound/Fenton Method. (Article)
Author: Jih-Gaw Lin      Ying-Shih Ma     
page:      130 - 137
Optimization Study Of Flocculation Mixing By Means Of Grids. (Article)
Author: S. J Stanley      D. W Smith      L. E Liem     
page:      138 - 144
Fluorescence Technique For Rapid Identification Of Dom Fractions. (Article)
Author: Taha F Marhaba     
page:      145 - 152
Medeling Aquatic Mercury Fate In Clear Lake, Calif. (Article)
Author: Andrew E Bale     
page:      153 - 163
Tributary Refinements To Chesapeake Bay Model. (Article)
Author: Carl F Cerco      Mark Meyers     
page:      164 - 174
Use Of Total Coliform Test For Watershed Monitoring With Respect To Atypicals. (Article)
Author: Gail Montogomery Brion      Huazhong H Mao     
page:      175 - 181
Physical Barrier To Reduce Wp Mortalities Of Foraging Waterfowl. (Article)
Author: Patricia A Pochop      John L Cummings      Christi A Yoder     
page:      182 - 188
Tornado Vortices In Settling Tanks. (Article)
Author: Oliver Baud      Willi H Hager     
page:      189 - 192
Pac Membrance Filtration Process. I: Model Development. (Article)
Author: Carlos Campos      Benito J Marinas      Vernon L Snoeyink     
page:      97 - 103