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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 2000 Volume number : 126 Issue: 02

Evaluation Of Phytoremediation Forfield-Scale Degradation Of Total Petroleumhydrocarbons. (Article)
Author: M. K Banks      R. S Govindaraju      K. V Nedunuri     
page:      483 - 490
Insigbnificant Role Of Dyrodynamic Dispersion On Bacterial Transport . (Article)
Author: Kenneth M Unice      Bruce E Logan     
page:      491 - 500
Ground Water Under Direct Influence Of Surface Water. (Article)
Author: David A Chin      W. E Watt      David A Chin     
page:      501 - 508
Thermal Balance Of On-Storm - Water Management Pond (Article)
Author: M. A. Van Buren      W. E Watt      J Marsalek     
page:      509 - 517
Stream Temperature Dynamics In Upland Agricultural Watersheds. (Article)
Author: M Hondzo      M Younus     
page:      518 - 526
Cosolvent-Enhanced Electrokinetic Remediation Os Soils Contaminated With Phenanthrene. (Article)
Author: An Li      Kent A Cheung      Krishan R Reddy     
page:      527 - 532
Electrokinetic Remediation Using Surmfactant-Coated Cermaic Casings. (Article)
Author: Eric R Linggren      J Larrabee     
page:      534 - 540
Imporovement Of Submegred Biofilter Process By Bioelectrochemical Method . (Article)
Author: Tsuneo Tanaks      Masao Kuroda     
page:      541 - 548
Full-Scale Demonstration Ofimpovement In Aeration Efficency. (Article)
Author: James A Mueller      Yeong-Kwan Kim      Sami Nasr     
page:      549 - 555
Optimizing Water Treatmentwith Two-Stage Coagulation. (Article)
Author: Sami Nasr      Dean Gregory     
page:      556 - 561
Analysis Of Ressure Drops In Pleate Activated Carbon Cloth Filters. (Article)
Author: Pierre Le Cloirec      Jean-Noel Baleo      Pierre Le Cloirec     
page:      562 - 69
Bed Voidage Correlation In Fluidized Bed Biofilm Reactor. (Article)
Author: Shyam R Asolekar      Munif A Aziz     
page:      570 - 575
Diffusional Mass Transfer At Sediment-Water Interface. (Article)
Author: Manson J Russell      Boyina V Ramana     
page:      576 - 576
Use Of Regression Models For Anayzing Highway Storm -Water Loads. (Article)
Author: Arun Kumar      Kapil Gupta     
page:      577 - 579
Understand Environment Leachability Of Electric Are Fuurnace Dust. (Article)
Author: Julia A Stegemann      C Rigollier     
page:      580 - 585