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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 2000 Volume number : 126 Issue: 03

Conceptual Model Of Aqualtic Plant Decay And Ammonia Toxicity For Shallow Lakes. (Article)
Author: Leslie A Farnasworth-Lee      Lawrence A Baker     
page:      199 - 207
Fluid Mechanics Of Triangular Sediment Oxygen Demand Chamber. (Article)
Author: Joseph H. W Lee      C. P Kuang      K. S Yung     
page:      208 - 216
Probabilistic Models For Analysis Of Urban Runoff Control Systems. (Article)
Author: James Y Li      Barry J Adams     
page:      217 - 224
Nitric Oxide Emissions From Engineered Soil System. (Article)
Author: Viney P Aneja      J. Jeffrey Peirce     
page:      225 - 232
Electrostatic Precipitator For Metal And Particulate Emission Control. (Article)
Author: Chen-Lu Yang      Michael Beltran     
page:      233 - 238
Soluble Microbial Products In Abr Treating Low-Strength Wastewater. (Article)
Author: Duncan J Barker      Sandrine M. L Salvi      David C Stuckey     
page:      239 - 249
Modeling Biofilms On Gas-Permeable Supports: Concentration And Activity Profiles. (Article)
Author: Vaughan R Voller      Michael J Semmens      Neil J Essila     
page:      250 - 257
Image Based System For Particle Counting And Sizing. (Article)
Author: Chen-Yu Cheng      Joseph F Atkinson      John E Vanbenschoten     
page:      258 - 266
Equlibrum And Heat Of Adsorption For Wate Vapor And Activated Carbon. (Article)
Author: Shaoying Qi      K. James Hay      Mark J Rood     
page:      267 - 271
Stabilization Of Arsenic-And Barium-Rich Glass Manufacturing Waste. (Article)
Author: M. A Taylor      R. W Fuessle     
page:      272 - 278
Reuse Of Industrial Sludge As Pelletized Aggregate For Concrete. (Article)
Author: Joo-Hwa Tay      Kuan-Yeow Show      Sze-Yunn Hong     
page:      279 - 288
Wet Air Oxidation Of Solid Waste Made Of Polymers. (Article)
Author: C Massiani      M Ambrosio     
page:      289 - 293