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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 2000 Volume number : 126 Issue: 04

Cr (Vi) Reduction In Continuous-Flow Coculture Bioreactor. (Article)
Author: Yi-Tin Wang      Hai Shen      Evans M Chirwa     
page:      300 - 306
Recovery Of Cr(Iii) From Tannery Spent Chrome Liquor For Reuse. (Article)
Author: S. N Tandon      Rashmi Singh      A. R Khwaja     
page:      307 - 312
Pollutant Concentration In Road Runoff: Southeast Queensland Case Study. (Article)
Author: Darren Drapper      Rodger Tomlinson      Philip Williams     
page:      313 - 320
Storm Water Pollutant Removal By Two Wet Pounds In Bellevue, Washington. (Article)
Author: Karen J Comings      Derek B Booth      Richard R Horner     
page:      321 - 330
Grazer Control Of Stream Algae: Modeling Emperature And Flood Effects. (Article)
Author: N Broekhuizen      M. R Scarsbrook      J. C Rutherford     
page:      331 - 339
Zebra Mussel Biofouling As Function Of Copper Dissolution Rate. (Article)
Author: C. M Cottrell      J. M Dormon      T Debies     
page:      340 - 347
Predicting Fenton-Driven Degradation Using Contaminant Analog. (Article)
Author: Patrick K Jones      Robert G Arnold      Scott G Huling     
page:      348 - 353
Alternative Sorbents For Removing Mtbe From Gasoline-Contaminated Ground Water. (Article)
Author: Susan E Powers      Scott W Davis     
page:      354 - 360
Postdigestion Struvite Using A Fluidized Bed Reactor. (Article)
Author: Kurt N Ohlinger      Thomas M Young      Edward D Schroeder     
page:      361 - 368
Biokinetic Parameter Estimation For Isb Of Pah-Contaminated Soil. (Article)
Author: Helen Qammar      Teresa Cutright      Kelly Smith     
page:      369 - 374
Vapor Flow To In Leaky Aquifer. (Article)
Author: Bruce Hunt      Joel Massmann     
page:      375 - 381
Mechanical Aerators' Power And Aeration Control In Bioreactors. (Article)
Author: M Tarshish      A Aharoni      R Arviv     
page:      382 - 385