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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 2000 Volume number : 126 Issue: 05

Vfa Production In Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion Of Municipal Sludges. (Article)
Author: D. S Mavinic      S Fothergill     
page:      389 - 396
Characterization Of Solube Molecules From Thermochemically Pretreated Sludge. (Article)
Author: Rene Moletta      Jean-Philippe Delgenes      Valerie Penaud     
page:      397 - 402
Molecular Mechanism Of Granulation. I: H+ Translocation-Dehydration Theory. (Article)
Subject: Molecular , Mechanism , Granulation , Dehydration
Author: Khay-Chuan Teo      Hai-Lou Xu      Joo-Hwa Tay     
page:      403 - 410
Molecular Mechanism Of Granulation. Ii: Proton Translocating Activity. (Article)
Subject: Molecular , Proton Conductivity , Granulation , Translating
Author: Khay-Chuan Teo      Hai-Lou Xu      Joo-Hwa Tay     
page:      411 - 418
Biologically Reactive Multispecies Transport In Sanitary Landifill. (Article)
Author: Heejun Suk      Kang-Kun Lee     
page:      419 - 427
Modeling Natural Atenuation Of Fuels With Bioplume Iii. (Article)
Author: Hanadi S Rifai      Charless J Newell      James R Gonzales     
page:      428 - 438
Fertilizer 15n Presence In Lysimeter Drainage Water. (Article)
Author: R. L Mulvaney      J. S Bell      Lyle Prunty     
page:      439 - 445
Biosensor For Detecting Odorous Compounds. (Article)
Author: Cheng-Fang Lin      Tsong-Zeng Wu      Oliver J Hao     
page:      446 - 450
Describing Water Quality With Aggregate Index. (Article)
Author: Prabhata K Kwamee      Aditya Tyagi     
page:      451 - 455
Aeration Performance Of Rectangualr Planform Labyrinth Weirs. (Article)
Author: Peter R Wormleation      Chau Chiu Tsang     
page:      456 - 466
Partitioning Of Ssocs Into Straight-Chained Surfactants. (Article)
Author: Yong-Chan Seo      Rajendra D Paode      Thomas M Holsen     
page:      467 - 470
Arsenic Occurrence And Speciation In Municipal Ground-Water Supply System. (Article)
Author: Van Q Chiu      Janet G Hering     
page:      471 - 474
Effect Of Calcium On Lead In Soft-Water Distribution Systems. (Article)
Author: James J Bisogni      Ibrahim S Nassar      Anita M Menegaux     
page:      475 - 478
Soluble Microbial Products In Abr Treating Low-Strength Wastewater. (Article)
Author: Alette A. M Langenhoff      Duncan J Barker      Sandrine M. L Salvi     
page:      479 - 481