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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 2000 Volume number : 126 Issue: 07

Making The Journal More Valuable To Practicing Engineers. (Article)
Author: Lewis A Rossman     
page:      581 - 581
Oxidative Decolorization Of Reactive Dye Solution Using Fly Ash As Catalyst. (Article)
Author: Swades K Chaudhuri      Babita Sur     
page:      583 - 594
Contaminant Adsorption And Oxidation Via Fenton Reaction. (Article)
Author: Babita Sur      Scott G Huling      Raymond A Sierka     
page:      595 - 600
Feasibility Study Of Thermal In Situ Bioremediation. (Article)
Author: Barbara S Minsker      Jeremy M Kosegi      David E Dougherty     
page:      601 - 610
Chlorinated Solvent Removal Using Food Grade Surfactants: Column Studies. (Article)
Author: Jeffrey H Harwell      Bor-Jier Shiau      David A Sabatini     
page:      611 - 621
Effect Of Carbon Source On Pce Dehalogenation. (Article)
Author: S. K Gupta     
page:      622 - 628
Enhanced Solubility And Biodegradation On Naphthalene With Biosurfactant. (Article)
Author: Xupeng Ren      Cumaraswamy Vipulanandan     
page:      629 - 634
Effect Of Surfactants And Temperature On Pcp Biodegradation. (Article)
Author: Angela Bielefeldt      Todd Cort     
page:      635 - 643
Empirical Model For Biofiltration Of Toluene. (Article)
Author: Karl-Heinz Riedel      Chris A. Du Plessis      Jahannes Strauss     
page:      644 - 648
Metal Bioavailability And Trivalent Chromium Removal In Abr. (Article)
Author: David C Ctuckey      Villiam P Barber     
page:      649 - 656
Bacterial Transport In Napl - Contaminated Porous Media. (Article)
Author: Brock Rogers      Brue E Logan     
page:      657 - 666
Pressure-Dependent Permeate Flux In Ultra-And Microfiltration. (Article)
Author: Lianfa Song      Miaomiao Zhang     
page:      667 - 674
Mehtod For Quantifying Freshwater Input And Flushing Time In Estuaries. (Article)
Author: George P Lordi      Qizhong Guo     
page:      675 - 681