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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 2000 Volume number : 126 Issue: 08

Prediction Of Ozone Formation Based On Neural Network. (Article)
Author: Yeong-Koo Yeo      Sea Cheon Oh      Sang Hyun Sohn     
page:      688 - 696
Removal Of Dissolved -And Free-Phase Benzene Pools From Ground Water Using In Situ Air Sparging. (Article)
Author: Jeffrey A Adams      Krishna R Reddy     
page:      697 - 707
Transient Storage And Gas Transfer In Lowland Stream. (Article)
Author: Robert J Wilcock      Steven C Chapra     
page:      708 - 712
Stability Of High-Rate Anaerobic Systems. I: Performance Under Shocks. (Article)
Author: Joo-Hwa Tay      Xiyue Zhang     
page:      713 - 725
Stability Of High-Rate Anaerobic Systems. Ii: Uzzy Stability Index. (Article)
Author: Joo-Hwa Tay      Xiyue Zhang     
page:      726 - 731
Intracellular Polymers In Aerobic Sludge Of Sequencing Batch Reactors. (Article)
Author: Herbert H.P Fang      Yan Liu     
page:      732 - 738
Thermophilic Aerobic Wastewater Treatment In Continuous-Flow Bioreactors. (Article)
Author: James E Alleman      Allan Konopka      Timothy M Lapara     
page:      739 - 744
Biological Removal Of Gaseous Vocs From Automotive Painting Operations. (Article)
Author: J. A Adams      B. R Kim     
page:      745 - 753
Modeling Of Class I Setling Tanks. (Article)
Author: Thiruvenkatachari Viraraghavan      Qing-Chao Guo      Yee-Chung Jin     
page:      753 - 760
Gamma Irradiation For Inactivation Of C. Parvum , E. Coil, And Coliphage Ms-2. (Article)
Author: Ernest R Blatchley      John E Thompson     
page:      761 - 768
Compositing Water Samples Foranalysis Of Volatile Organic Compounds. (Article)
Author: Terry L Maluk      James D Fallon      Thomas J Lopes     
page:      769 - 774
Measureing Vertical Profiles Of Hydraulic Conductivity With In Situ Direct-Push Methods. (Article)
Author: Frank P Beck      John T Wilson      Jong Soo Cho     
page:      775 - 777
Automated Seperation And Conductimetric Determination Of Inorganic Nitrogen. (Article)
Author: Bruce O Mansell      Lisa De Vellis      Edward D Schroeder     
page:      778 - 781