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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 2000 Volume number : 126 Issue: 09

Aerobic Thermophilic And Anaerobic Mesophilic Treatment Of Sludge. (Article)
Author: Krishna R Pagilla      Tapana Cheunbarn     
page:      790 - 795
Anaerobic Thermophilic/Mesophilic Dual-Stage Sludge Treatment. (Article)
Author: Tapana Cheunbarn      Krishna R Pagilla     
page:      796 - 801
Modeling Of Aqueous Btex Adsorption In Column And Multistage Adsorbers. (Article)
Author: Cheng Y Huang      Sheng. H Lin     
page:      802 - 806
Recovery Of Metal Working Fluids Using Chelation-Ultrafiltration Process. (Article)
Author: Roger C Viadero      Ronald Vaughan      Brian E Reed     
page:      807 - 514
Polyurethane Foam Medium For Biofiltration. I: Characterization. (Article)
Author: Robert. L Irvine      William. M Moe     
page:      815 - 825
Polyurethane Foam Medium For Biofiltration. Ii: Operation And Performance. (Article)
Author: William. M Moe      Robert. L Irvine     
page:      826 - 832
Experimental Study Of Horizontal Barrier Formation By Colloidal Silica. (Article)
Author: M. Yavuz Corapcioglu      Ertan Durmusoglu     
page:      833 - 841
Solute Transport Through Unsaturated Soil Due To Evaporation. (Article)
Author: Ali A Mohammed      K Watanabe      T Sasaki     
page:      842 - 848
Enhancement Of Electrokinetic Extraction From Load-Spiked Soils. (Article)
Author: Raymond S Li      Loretta Y Li     
page:      849 - 857
Electrocoagulation And Electroflotation Of Restaurant Wastewater. (Article)
Author: S. J Huang      Xueming Chen     
page:      858 - 864
Carbon Fiber Adsorption Using Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship. (Article)
Author: Mark J Rood      Shaoying Qi      K. James Hay     
page:      865 - 868
As (Iii), As (V), Hg, And Pb Removal By Fe-Oxide Impregnated Activated Carbon. (Article)
Author: Kiqiang Jiang      Brian E Reed      Ronald Vaughan     
page:      869 - 876