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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 2000 Volume number : 126 Issue: 10

Reducing Uncertainty In Site Characterization Usingbayes Monte Carlo Methods. (Article)
Author: Michael D Sohn      Mitchell J Small      Marina Pantazidou     
page:      893 - 902
H2 O2 /Uv-C And Fe2=/H2o2/Uv-C Versus Tio2/Uv-A Treatement For Reactive Dye Wastewater. (Article)
Author: Tuula Tuhkanen      Isil Akmenhmet      Idil Arslan     
page:      903 - 911
Heat Transfer Model For Regenerative Beds. (Article)
Author: Bor-Jen Huang      Wen-Hsi Cheng      Ming-Shean Chou     
page:      912 - 918
Recovery Of Edta From Power Plant Boiler Chemical Cleaning Wastewater. (Article)
Author: C. P Huang      Mei-Chih Hsu      Paul Miller     
page:      919 - 924
1/8 Factorial Study Of Metal Effects On Acid Neutralization By Cement. (Article)
Author: A. S. Ramesh Perera      Chris Cheeseman      Julia A Stegemann     
page:      925 - 933
Chlorianted Solvent Cometabolism By Butane-Grown Mixed Culture. (Article)
Author: Young Kim      Daniel J Arp      Lewis Semprini     
page:      934 - 942
Performance Enhancement Of Sbr Applying Real-Time Control. (Article)
Author: Shu-Liang Liaw      Ruey-Fang Yu     
page:      943 - 948
3d Numerical Modeling Of Microcystis Distribution In A Water Reservoir. (Article)
Author: Nils Reidar B Olsen      Richard D Hedger      D. Glen George     
page:      949 - 953
Achieiving Water Quality System Reliability Using Genetic Algorithm. (Article)
Author: Barbara J Lence      Holger R Maier      Jose A Vasquez     
page:      954 - 962
Pollutionof Gravel Spawning Grounds By Deposition Ofsuspended Sediment. (Article)
Author: Xin Huang      Marcelo H Garcia     
page:      963 - 968
Membrane Bioreactor For Cometabolsm Of Trichloroethene Air Emissions. (Article)
Author: Ayesha R Dolasa      Sarina. J Ergas     
page:      969 - 973
Volatile Organic Compounds In New Automobiles: Screening Assessment. (Article)
Author: James S Grabbs      Richard L Corsi      Vincent M Torres     
page:      974 - 980