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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 2000 Volume number : 126 Issue: 11

Treatment Of Arsenic-Contaminated Soils. Ii: Treatability Study And Remediation. (Article)
Author: Joel Miller      Humayoun Akhter      Frank K Cartledge     
page:      1004 - 1012
Method Of Attenuation Of White Phosphorus Contamination In Wetlands. (Article)
Author: Charles M Collins      Marianne E Walsh      Michael R Walsh     
page:      1013 - 1018
Empirical Model And Kinetic Behavior Of Thermophilic Compositing Of Vegetable Waste. (Article)
Author: Ju-Sheng Huang      Chun-Hung Wang      Charng-Gwo Jih     
page:      1019 - 1025
Treatment And Decolorization Of Dyes In An Anaerobic Baffled Reactor. (Article)
Author: Chris A Buckley      Jason J Plumb      Joanne Bell     
page:      1026 - 1032
Evaluation Of Sonochemical Destruction Of Pce In In Situ Flushing Waster Fluids. (Article)
Author: P. S. C Rao      Clayton J Clark Ii     
page:      1033 - 1038
Application Of Fluorescence Technique For Rapid Identification Of Dom Fractions In Source Waters. (Article)
Author: R. Lee Lippincott      Taha F Marhaba     
page:      1039 - 1044
Answers-2000: Non-Point-Source Nutrient Planning Model. (Article)
Author: Faycal Bouraoui      Theo A Dillaha     
page:      1045 - 1055
Empirical Relations For Longitudinal Dispersion In Streams. (Article)
Author: Mohammad Sohrab      Santosh K Pathak      Prabhata Swamee     
page:      1056 - 1063
Comparison Of Mixed Cultures Based On Activity. (Article)
Author: Munruk Tuntoolavest      William D Burgos     
page:      1064 - 1069
Control Of Incinerator Organics By Fluidized Bed Activated Carbon Adsorber. (Article)
Author: Wen-Yi Yang      Bo-Chin Chiang      Ming-Yen Wey     
page:      985 - 992
Sorption Isotherms And Kinetics Of Sediment Phosphorus In A Tropical Reservoir. (Article)
Author: Adhityan Appan      Hong Wang     
page:      993 - 998
Treatment Of Arsenic-Contaminated Soils. I: Soil Characterization. (Article)
Author: Joel Miller      Frank K Cartledge      Humayoun Akhter     
page:      999 - 1003