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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 2000 Volume number : 126 Issue: 12

Phosphate Inhibitors And Red Water In Stagnant Iron Pipes. (Article)
Author: Laurie S Mcneill      Marc Edwards     
page:      1069 - 1102
Effect Of Ph And Vfa On Hydrolysis Of Organic Solid Waste. (Article)
Author: Heijo Scharff      Sergey Kalyuzhnyi      Adrie Veeken     
page:      107 - 1081
Thermogravimetric Analysis Of Activated Sludge Flocculated With Polyelectrolyte. (Article)
Author: C. Y Chang      C. P Chu     
page:      1082 - 1087
Monitoring In Situ Moisture Content Of Muncipal Solid Waste Landfills. (Article)
Author: J. R Styles      S. T. S Yuen      T. A Mcmahon     
page:      1088 - 1095
Growth Of Floating Aquatic Macrophytes In Alkaline Industrial Wastewaters. (Article)
Author: S Colville      F Stagnitti      J Hill     
page:      1103 - 1107
Heat And Mas Transfer During Microwave Steam Treatment Of Contaminated Soils. (Article)
Author: Harry A Dwyer      Pingkuan Di      Daniel P. Y Chang     
page:      1108 - 1115
Air Quality Planning And Empirical Model To Evaluate Spm Concentrations. (Article)
Author: Takashi Ohno      Md.Masud Karim     
page:      1116 - 1124
Preduction Of Indoor Radon By Air Cleaning- Case Study. (Article)
Author: Robert Pettenato      Scott A Lowe     
page:      1125 - 1130
Modeling Volatilization Of Mtbe From Standing Surface Waters. (Article)
Author: Michael C Kavanaugh      Andrew J Stocking     
page:      1131 - 1136
Volatile Orgainic Ompounds In Strom Water From A Parking Lot. (Article)
Author: David W Rutherford      Thomas J Lopes      James D Fallon     
page:      1137 - 1144
Effect Of Hrt On Mesophilic Acidogenesis Of Dairy Wastewater. (Article)
Author: H. Q Yu      Herbert H. P Fang     
page:      1145 - 1148
Uasb Treatment Of Tapioca Starch Wastewater. (Article)
Author: Prasanna L Amatya      Ajit P Annachhatre     
page:      1149 - 1152
Enhanced Repening Of Slow Sand Filters. (Article)
Author: Monroe L Weber-Shirk      Richard I Dick      Kristen L Jellison     
page:      1153 - 1158
Reaeration Equations Derived From U. S. Geological Survey Database. (Article)
Author: Paola Gualtieri      Carlo Gualtieri     
page:      1159 - 1159