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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 2001 Volume number : 127 Issue: 01

Evolution Of Air Quality Studies From Individual Point Source Plumes To Plumes From Continents. (Article)
Author: Mark J Rood      Christian M Carrico     
page:      01 - 01
Graphical Sizing And Analysis Of Ocean Outfalls With Buoyant Plumes. (Article)
Author: Maria A Economopoulou      P Economopoulos     
page:      03 - 12
Approach To Steady State In Completely Mixed Flow Reactors. (Article)
Author: James N Jensen     
page:      13 - 18
Biomass Of Sediment Bacteria By Sedimentation Field-Flow Fractionation. (Article)
Author: Ronald Beckett      Reshmi Sharma      Aazam Khoshmanesh     
page:      19 - 25
Relationship Between Redox Potential And Ph On Rdx Transformation In Soil-Water Slurries. (Article)
Author: Sally L Yost      James M Brannon      Cynthia B Price     
page:      26 - 31
Interaction Of Soil Air Permeability And Soil Vapor Extraction. (Article)
Author: Jeff Budiman      Saddy Farhan      Thomas M Holsen     
page:      32 - 37
Improved Anaerobic Degradation Of Phenol With Supplemental Glucose. (Article)
Author: Joo-Hwa Tay      Yan-Xin He      Yue-Gen Yan     
page:      38 - 45
Precoat Filteration And Ultrafiltration Of Emulsified Bitumen From Water. (Article)
Author: J. D Englehardt      D. E Meeroff     
page:      46 - 53
Effect Of Surface Characteristics Of Activated Carbons On Voc Adsorption. (Article)
Author: E. E Chang      Pen-Chi Chiang      Yu-Chun Chiang     
page:      54 - 62
Adsorption Mechanism Of Heavy Metals On Sorbents During Incineration. (Article)
Author: Zhen-Shu Li      Jyh Cherng Chen      Ming-Yen Wey     
page:      63 - 69
Thermal Treatment Of Polyethylene In System Containing Hydrogen Chloride. (Article)
Author: Yu Liang      Chao-Hsiung Wu     
page:      70 - 77
Characteristics Of Energy Flow In Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator. (Article)
Author: Chien Kun Huang      Moo Been Chang     
page:      78 - 82