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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 2001 Volume number : 127 Issue: 02

Sbr System For Phosphorus Removal: Linear Model Based Optimization. (Article)
Author: Hyunook Kim      Oliver J Hao      Thomas J Mcavoy     
page:      105 - 111
Model-Based Evaluation Of Denitrifying P Removal In A Two-Sludge System. (Article)
Author: Sebastiaan C. F Meijer      Mark C. M Van Loosdrecht      Xiaodi Hao     
page:      112 - 118
Verification Of Anaerobic Biofilm Model For Phenol Degradation With Sulfate Re Reduction. (Article)
Author: Kwang K Lee      Yen H Lin     
page:      119 - 125
Modeling Biofilms On Gas-Permeable Supports: Flux Limitation. (Article)
Author: Michael J Semmens      Neil J Essila     
page:      126 - 133
Long-Term As/Sve For Petroleum Removal In Low-Permeability Piedmont Saprolite. (Article)
Author: Brian C Kirtland      C Marjorie Aelion      Mark A Widdowson     
page:      134 - 144
Modeling Lateral Transport In Soil Adjacent To Old Landfill. (Article)
Author: Tjalfe G Poulsen      Mette Christophersen      Per Moldrup     
page:      145 - 153
Use Of Organoclay As Secondary Containment For Gasoline Storage Tanks. (Article)
Author: Xiaoyun Yang      Irene M. C Lo     
page:      154 - 161
Experimental Validation And Applications Of A Fluid Infiltration Model. (Article)
Author: Cindy S Kao      James R Hunt     
page:      162 - 170
Large-Scale Tracing Of Ground Water With Sulfur Hexafluoride. (Article)
Author: Jordan F Clark      Jeff D Gamlin      Greg Woodside     
page:      171 - 174
Environmental Factors Affecting Selenite Reduction By A Mixed Culture. (Article)
Author: Ho S Wan      Oliver J Hao      Hyunook Kim     
page:      175 - 178
Physical And Biological Performance Of Self-Inoculated Uasb Reactor Treating Raw Domestic Sewage. (Article)
Author: Y Kalogo      J. H Mbouche      W Verstraete     
page:      179 - 180
Is The Time Right For Consensus On Model Calibration Guidance? (Article)
Author: Ray Whittemore     
page:      95 - 96
Sbr System For Phosphorus Removal: Asm2 And Simplified Linear Model. (Article)
Author: Hyunook Kim      Oliver J Hao      Thomas J Mcavoy     
page:      98 - 104