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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 2001 Volume number : 127 Issue: 03

Microorganisms And Pollutant Metals. (Article)
Author: Yi-Tin Wang     
page:      185 - 186
Empirical Partitioning Leach Model For Solidified / Stabilized Wastes. (Article)
Author: Inchul Kim      Bill Batchelor     
page:      188 - 195
Heavy Metal Removal By Coagulation With Seawater Liquid Bittern. (Article)
Author: A. Acra      L. Semerjian      G. M Ayoub     
page:      196 - 207
Experimental Investigations Of Oxygenated Gasoline Dissolution. (Article)
Author: Valentin Zuquette      Ferreira Reckhorn      Sayonara Brederode     
page:      208 - 216
Adsorption And Electrothermal Descorption Of Hazardous Organic Vapors. (Article)
Author: S. Qi      M. J Rood      P.D Sullivan     
page:      217 - 223
Load Dampening System For Vapor Phase Bioreactors. (Article)
Author: A. Frank Seibert      Kerry A Kinney      Aghyad W Al-Rayes     
page:      224 - 232
Nature And Dynamics Of Water Sediment Interface In Combined Sewers. (Article)
Author: M. Saad      G. Chebbo      M. Ahyerre     
page:      233 - 239
Two-Phase, Two-Stage, And Single-Stage Anaerobic Process Comparison. (Article)
Author: Nuri Azbar      Richard E Speece     
page:      240 - 248
Conventional And Awt Mixed-Liquor Settling Characteristics. (Article)
Author: Wayne F Echelberger      Jeffrey L. Vilagos      Richard O. Mines     
page:      249 - 258
Short-Term Effects Of Wastewater Biodegradability On Biological Phosphorus Removal. (Article)
Author: Antonio De Lucas Martinez      Pablo Canizares Canizares      Lourdes Rodriguez Mayor     
page:      259 - 265
Nitrification At Low Oxygen Concentration In Biofilm Reactor. (Article)
Author: Nicolas Bernet      Peng Dangcong      Jean-Philippe Delgenes     
page:      266 - 272
Use Of Sequencing Batch Reactor For Biological Denitrification Of High Nitrate-Containing Water. (Article)
Author: Alemayehu Mekonen      Pradeep Kumar     
page:      273 - 275