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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 2001 Volume number : 127 Issue: 04

New General Pore Size Distribution Model By Classical Thermodynamics Application: Activated Carbon (Article)
Subject: Thermodynamics , Pore Pressure
Author: M Lordgooei      M.J. Rood     
page:      281 - 287
Effects Of Operating Parameters In Tubular Ultrafitration (Article)
Subject: Operating Parameters , Tubular Joint
Author: David A Masciola      Roger C Viadero     
page:      288 - 294
Removal Of Dissolved Organic Carbon In Sanitary Gravity Sewer (Article)
Subject: Removal And Distruction , Organic , Carbon
Author: Derek Ho-Wai Leung      Guang-Hao Chen     
page:      295 - 301
Diagnosing Upsets In Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment Using Bayesian Belief Networks (Article)
Subject: Diagnosis , Wastewater Systems
Author: Brain S.G.E. Sahely     
page:      302 - 310
Effect Of Microaerophilic Conditions On Autothermal Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion Process (Article)
Subject: Autotuning , Microaerophilic Conditions On Autothermal , Thermophilic Aerobic
Author: Donald S Mavinic      Venkatram Mahendraker     
page:      311 - 316
Recalibration Of A Reaeration Equation (Article)
Subject: Reaeration Equations Derived , Equations
Author: Edward L Thackston     
page:      317 - 321
Soil Nitric Oxide Emissions From Nitrification And Denitrification (Article)
Subject: Soil Nitric Oxide Emissions , Nitrification , Denitrification
Author: J. Jeffrey Peirce     
page:      322 - 328
Pilot-Scale Evaluation Of Hz O2 Injection To Control Nox Emissions (Article)
Subject: Pilot-Scale Evaluation , H2 O2 Injection To Control Nox Emissions
Author: Michelle M Collins     
page:      329 - 336
Comparison Of Potassium Permanganate And Hydrogen Peroxide As Chemical Oxidants For Organically Contaminated Soils (Article)
Subject: Hydrogen , Potassium Permanganate , Peroxide , Oxidants
Author: Robert L Siegrist      Steven R Cline     
page:      337 - 347
Prediction Of Metal Removal Efficiency From Contaminated Soils By Physical Methods (Article)
Subject: Prediction Of Solid , Removal And Distruction , Contaminant Leaching
Author: G. N Mercer      B Duchene     
page:      348 - 358
Performance And Leaching Assessment Of Flowable Slurry (Article)
Subject: Leaching , Assessing Expected
Author: N. K Naik      Friedheilm Ramme     
page:      359 - 368
Numerical Study On Flow Over Buildings In Street Canyon (Article)
Subject: Numerical Study Of Developing , Building
Author: Y. Xia      C. S Leung     
page:      369 - 375
Tcp Performance Overend-Toend Rate Control And Stochastic Available Capacity (Article)
Subject: Congestion Control , Tcp Over Abr , Tcp Performance
Author: A. Shakkottai      A. Kumar      A. Karnik      A. Anvekar     
page:      377 - 391
Difficulties In Simulating The Internet (Article)
Subject: Internet , Modeling , Simulation
Author: S. Floyd      V. Paxson     
page:      392 - 403
Analysis Of Web Caching Architectures: Hirarchical And Distributd Caching (Article)
Subject: Caching , Performance , Web
Author: P. Rodriguez      C. Spanner      Biersack E.W.     
page:      404 - 418
An Adaptive Fec Scheme For Data Traffic In Wireless Atm Networks (Article)
Subject: Adaptive Fec , Adress Protection , Cell Scrambling , Error Control
Author: I. F Akyildiz      I Joe      Robert G Driver      Y.-C Ho     
page:      419 - 426
The Performance Of Query-Control Schemes For The Zone Routing Protocol (Article)
Subject: Ad Hoc Networks , Bordercast , Hybrid Routing , Proactive Routing
Author: Z.J. Haas      M.R. Pearlman     
page:      427 - 438
An Efficient Polling Mac For Wireless Lans (Article)
Subject: Capture Phenomena , Mac Protocol , Polling Schemes , Wireless Lan
Author: A Sharon      E. Altman     
page:      439 - 451
A Novel Scheme Using The Information Of Departure Processes For Delay Guarantees Of Distributed Vbr Traffic (Article)
Subject: Admission Control , Distribution Systems , Scheduling , Traffic Regulation
Author: Z.-R Chang      I.-C Lee      C. S Chang     
page:      452 - 464
Bandwith-Allocation Policies For Unicast And Multicast Flows (Article)
Subject: Bandwidth Allocation , Multicast , Unicast
Author: A. Legout      J. Nonnenmacher      E. W Biersack     
page:      464 - 478
Optimal Structured Feedback Policies For Abr Flow Control Using Two-Timescale Spsa (Article)
Subject: Network Of Nodes , Optimal Structured Feedback Policies , Rate-Based Abr Flow Control , Single Bottleneck Node
Author: S. Bhatnagar      M.C. Fu      S.I. Marcus      P.J. Fard     
page:      479 - 491
Jitter Control In Qos Networks (Article)
Subject: Buffer Overflow And Underflow , Competitive Analysis , Jitter Control , Quality Of Service Networks
Author: Y. Mansour      B. Patt-Shamir     
page:      492 - 502
An Analysis Of Oblivious And Adaptive Routing In Optical Networks With Wavelength Translation (Article)
Subject: All-Optical Networks , Hypercube , Multi-Fiber Network
Author: J.P. Lang      V. Sharma      E.A. Varvarigos     
page:      503 - 517
Equivalent Permutation Capabilities Between Time-Division Optical Omega Networks And Non-Optical Extra-Stage Omega Networks (Article)
Subject: Conflict Graph , Crosstalk-Free Connection , Dilated Min , Omega Network
Author: X. Shen      F. Yang      Y. Pan     
page:      518 - 524