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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 2001 Volume number : 127 Issue: 07

Investigations Of Sulfiric Acid Corrosion Of Concrete. 1: Modeling And Chemical Observations (Article)
Subject: Corrosion , Electrochemical Behaviour
Author: Joseph. S Devinny      J. B Rosen     
page:      572 - 579
Inestigations Of Sulfuric Acid Corrosion Of Concrete Ii: Electrochemical And Visual Observations (Article)
Subject: Sulfuric Acid , Observability
Author: Joseph S Devinny     
page:      580 - 584
Study Of Sewage Sludge Pyrolysis Mechanism And Mathematical Modeling (Article)
Subject: Sludge Plant , Mathematical Modeling
Author: S Jeyaseelan     
page:      585 - 593
Study Of Sewage Sludge Pyrolysis Mechanism And Mathematical Modeling (Article)
Subject: Pyrolysis Mechanism
Author: Xiaoge Chen      S. Jeyaseelan     
page:      585 - 593
Chlorine Dioxide Inactivation Of Cryptosporidium Parvum In Oxidant Demand-Free Phosphate Buffer (Article)
Subject: Chlorine Dioxide Inactivation
Author: Roberts Gordon W.     
page:      594 - 603
Oxygen Transfer At Low Drop Weirs (Article)
Subject: Oxygen Evolution , Low Drop-Out
Author: J Kim.     
page:      604 - 610
Chemical-Biological Treatment Of Table Olive Manufacturing Wastewater (Article)
Subject: Biological Machinecs , Chemical-Biological Treatment
Author: Jesus Rivas      Michael Beltran     
page:      611 - 619
Photosonolysis Of Tca,Tce, And Pce In Flow-Through Reactor System (Article)
Subject: Reactive Power , Photosonolysis Of Tca,Tce, And Pce
Author: C Sato     
page:      620 - 629
Practical Modeling Of Sve Performance At A Jet-Fuel Spill Site (Article)
Subject: Sve Design: Mass , Jet
Author: Scheithe John R.     
page:      630 - 638
Attenuation Of Petroleum Hydrocarbons In Smear Zones: A Case Study (Article)
Subject: Petroleum Refining , Hydrocarbon Fuels
Author: Cheol Hyo Lee     
page:      639 - 647
Energy-Effectiveness Of Nonthermal Plasma Reactors For Toluene Vapor Destruction (Article)
Subject: Energy-Effectiveness , Nonthermal Plasma Reactors , Toluene Vapor Destruction
Author: C. H Lin      Hsunling Bai     
page:      648 - 654
Mathematical Model Of Biofiltration Of Vocs: Effect Of Nitrate Concentration And Backwashing (Article)
Subject: Mathematical Model , Vocs: Effect , Concentration And Backwashing
Author: Christina Alonso      Xueqing Zhu      Makram T. Suidan      Byung R. Kim     
page:      655 - 655
Organic Removal Of Anaerobically Treated Leachate By Fenton Coagulation (Article)
Subject: Organic Removal Of Anaerobically
Author: Ivan W.C. Lau      Peng Wang     
page:      666 - 669