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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 2001 Volume number : 127 Issue: 10

Surface Characteristics Of Sorptive-Filtration Storm Water Media. I: Low-Density (Ps<1.0) Oxide-Coated Buoyant Media (Article)
Subject: Cryptomelane Coating Nethod (Ccm) , Iron Oxide Coating Method (Iocm) , Two-Step Coating Method (Tcm) , Infrared Spectroscopy
Author: Dingfang Liu      Zheng Teng      John J Sansalone     
page:      868 - 878
Surface Characteristics Of Sorptive-Filtration Storm Water Media. Ii: Higher Specific Gravity (Ps> 1.0) Oxide-Coated Fixed Media (Article)
Subject: With Respect To Manganese , Point Of Zero Charge (Pzc) , Manganese-Oxide-Coated Sand (Mocs)
Author: Dingfang Liu      Zheng Teng      John J Sansalone     
page:      879 - 888
Neural Network Modeling Of Organics Removal By Activated Carbon Cloths (Article)
Subject: Flattened Breakthrough Curves , Bohart Equation
Author: Catherine Faur-Brasquet     
page:      889 - 894
Adsorption Of Sulfur Dioxide On Activated Carbon From Oil-Palm Waste (Article)
Subject: So2 Concentration , Activation Energy And Frequency Factor
Author: Aik Chong Lua      Jia Guo     
page:      895 - 901
Precipitative Removal Of Fluoride From Electronics Wastwater (Article)
Subject: The Seed-Generation Method , Discussion Effect Ph , Effects Of Initial F- Concentration
Author: Min Yang      Yu Zhang      Bing Shao      Rong Qi     
page:      902 - 907
Kinetics Of Decompositon Of Polyethylene Glycol In Electroplating Solution By Ozonation With Uv Radiation (Article)
Subject: Kinetics Of The Ozonation , Polyethylene Glycol (Peg) , Ultraviolet (Uv) , Certainly
Author: Y. H Chen      C. Y Chiu      Y. H Yu      P. C Chiang     
page:      908 - 915
Recovery And Marine Clay Stabilization Of Heavy Metals Present In Spent Hydrotreating Catalysts (Article)
Subject: Removing 44% Nickel , 77% Cobalt , Concentration Of Mo , Co
Author: Darren Delai Sun      Lawrence Chang      Joo Hwa Tay      James D Navratil     
page:      916 - 921
Use Of Sewage Sludge Ash As Brick Material (Article)
Subject: Brick Manufactured , Sewage Sludge Ash , Clay
Author: Deng-Fong Lin      Chih-Huang Weng     
page:      922 - 927
Three-Dimensional Ecological-Eutrophication Model For Singapore (Article)
Subject: A 3d Multilevel Eutrophication Model , Nitrogen , Phosphorus
Author: K. Y. H Gin      Q. Y Zhang      E. S Chan      L. M Chou     
page:      928 - 937
Reliability, Risk, And Uncertainty Analysis Using Generic Expectation Functions (Article)
Subject: Straightforward To Develop , Apply To Problems Related To Reliability , Typically
Author: C. T Haan      Aditya Tyagi     
page:      938 - 945
Removal Of Eatx From Waste Gases By A Trickle-Bed Air Biofilter (Article)
Subject: Ethylacetate (Ea) , Toluene (T) , Xylene (X) , Volatile Organic Compounds (Vocs)
Author: Yu Zhang      Chungsying Lu      Min-Ray Lin      Innho Wey     
page:      946 - 951
Degradation And Migration Of Vinclozolin In Sand And Soil (Article)
Subject: Porous Media 24 , 504 H After Fungicide Application
Author: Daniel A Vallero      Jerry L Farnsworth      J. Jeffrey Peirce     
page:      952 - 958