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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 2001 Volume number : 127 Issue: 11

Pool Quality Index: New Method To Define Minimum Flow Requirements Of High-Gradient, Low-Order Streams (Article)
Subject: Introduction , River Regulation And Invertebrate Communities , Hydraulics And Channel Morphology-Looking For The Metric
Author: A. Azzellino      R. Vismara     
page:      1003 - 1013
Inflitration Pond Design For Highway Runoff Treatment In Semiarid Climates (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Principles For Design Of Infiltration Ponds , Water Depth
Author: Ana Estela Barbosa      Thorkild Hvited-Jacobsen     
page:      1014 - 1022
Evaluation Of Laser In Situ Scattering Instrument For Measuring Concentration Of Photoplankton, Purple Sulfur Bacteria And Inorganic Sediments In Lakes (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Location , Methods , Results & Discussion
Author: Teresa Serra      Jordi Colomer      Maria Cristina     
page:      1023 - 1030
Modeling Muncipal Solid Waste Collection Systems Using Derived Probability Distributions. (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Background , Derived Probability Collection Model , Set-Out Distribution
Author: Bruce G. Wilson      B.W Baetz     
page:      1031 - 1038
Modelling Municipal Solid Waste Collection Systems Using Derived Probability Distributions (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Route Size Limited By Time Constraint , Theoritical Development
Author: Bruce G. Wilson      Brian W Baetz     
page:      1039 - 1047
Advanced Hybrid Fuzzy-Neural Controller For Industrial Wastewater Treatment (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Essence Of Hybrid Fuzzy Control Algorithms
Author: W. C Chen      Ni-Bin Chang     
page:      1048 - 1059
Getting Smart (Article)
Subject: Barbara Feldom , A.K.A. Agent 99 , Finds Serenity In Simplicity
Author: H Drucker     
page:      238 - 243
Prediction And Measurement Of Bubble Formation On Water Treatment (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Fundamentals Of Bubble Formation , Model Conceptualization
Author: Paolo Scardina      Marc Edwards     
page:      968 - 973
Optimization Of Bed Material Height In A Submerged Biological Aerated Filter (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Material And Methods , Test Description
Author: Francisco Osorio      Paolo Scardina     
page:      974 - 978
Evaluation Of Slip Feed System For Vaporphase Bioreactors (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Material And Methods , Reactor Design
Author: Jungsu Park      Kerry A Kinney     
page:      979 - 985
Thermally Enhanced Vapor Extraction For Removing Pahs From Lampblackcontaminaed Soil (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Thermal Descorption Model , Lampblack-Soil Collectionb And Physical Characterization
Author: Thomas C. Harmon      Glenn A. Burks     
page:      986 - 993
Potentilial Environmental Applications Of Pure Zeolitic Material Synthesized From Fly Ash (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Experimental , Determination Of Cation-Exchange Values And Decontamination Tests
Author: Natalia Moreno      Xavier Querol     
page:      994 - 1002